First blog post: starting fresh

Hello Everybody!

I have been blogging since the beginning of 2015. It’s nearly 2017, so that’s nearly 2 whole years I’ve spent rambling on the internet. I didn’t always have this blog though, no, this is my new blog that I have decided to start (quite late at night… I should be sleeping for school tomorrow) simply because I felt like a change. After a while, I found that I wasn’t really enjoying myself and blogging felt more like a chore than a hobby that I love to do. I feel like a change of scenery will cure this, so I’ve decided to throw caution into the wind and set sail on a new blogging adventure over the great ocean we call the internet. Continue reading “First blog post: starting fresh”


Smashing that Interview

We’ve all been there, the dreaded interview. Whether it’s for a job, work placement or academia, the phrase “we would like to arrange an interview to discuss your application further” is enough to strike fear into the hearts of all of us. I had a mock interview in uni this week, which I had to treat like a real interview that I would be likely to encounter out in the big bad world of work. I was nervous as hell (I’ve never been interviewed for anything before) so here are some tips to hopefully help anyone facing an interview in the near future! Continue reading “Smashing that Interview”