First blog post: starting fresh

Hello Everybody!

I have been blogging since the beginning of 2015. It’s nearly 2017, so that’s nearly 2 whole years I’ve spent rambling on the internet. I didn’t always have this blog though, no, this is my new blog that I have decided to start (quite late at night… I should be sleeping for school tomorrow) simply because I felt like a change. After a while, I found that I wasn’t really enjoying myself and blogging felt more like a chore than a hobby that I love to do. I feel like a change of scenery will cure this, so I’ve decided to throw caution into the wind and set sail on a new blogging adventure over the great ocean we call the internet. Continue reading

Family is Forever

Hello Everybody!

It’s so easy to take things for granted. Food, water, clothes, warmth. One thing that I always find myself taking for granted is my family. Generally, I tend to take my immediate family for granted because they are a constant in my life. They’re always there, and it can become overwhelming. Continue reading

Book To-Read List

Hello Everyone!

I am such a bookworm. I love reading and can literally devour a good novel within in few days if I’m really into it. I have an ever-growing collection of books and I don’t plan on stopping buying new ones any time soon. I re-read the Harry Potter books every summer without fail and I look forward to this all year round! Continue reading

Days in Drumnaph

Hello Everybody!

I recently posted about how spring has finally arrived (you can see that post right >here<) but wouldn’t you know that the next morning I woke up to a layer of snow… that’s right, bloody snow. I love snow (I’m a December baby) so obviously it was lovely to see, just not in March when the daffodils are trying to bloom. However, the weather has picked up a lil’ since then so on Sunday we decided it was the perfect day for a picnic. Continue reading

Being Alone vs. Being Lonely

Hello Everybody!

I am quite the introvert. I avoid situations where I would draw attention to myself. I find it very difficult to talk to people that I don’t know well. I can’t call out in class and don’t even get me started on ordering food in a restaurant. My point is, due to this I spend a lot of time in my own company… and that’s okay.

Continue reading