Jade Roller and Gua Sha: Review

*this product was gifted to me with no obligation to post- all opinions are my own*

I am not going to lie and pretend to know everything about this wee contraption and what the benefits of using it are. I’m no skincare guru and I don’t pretend to be BUT I have been using this Jade Roller for a wee while now and I thought I would share my thoughts on it.

So you get two wee tools in this package: the Jade Roller and the Gua Sha tool… I can’t really say what major differences they do for your skin but I’m gonna take you through how I use each of them (defo not saying this is how they ~should~ be used).


Okay so the wee roller is super nice to use on your skin. I kinda take it from the centre of my forehead and roll out to my temples a few times, then I mosey on down to my non-existent cheekbones and do the same working from my nose out to my ears. Then I take it down to my chin and work it out along my (once again invisible) jawline.

Again, I don’t 100% know what this is supposed to do for your skin, but personally I have noticed that it brings a wee bit of colour to my dead-person pale skin and it reduces the puffiness in my face.


I like using this wee boy more than the roller- dunno why, it’s just more satisfying to me? So what I like to do with this is take the long curved side and work from my nose, right under my eyes and out to my ears. I feel like this helps A LOT with undereye bags (and ya girl has designer ones) and makes me look a lot more refreshed than I usually feel.

Then I take the side that looks like an ‘m’ and I run this right over my eyebrows. I have no clue why I do this and I can’t say for sure that it does anything for me but it just feels right.

All in all, even though I don’t really have a notion what these wee things are actually supposed to do for your skin, I do enjoy using them as I have noticed a few improvements in my skin and I am trying to take my skincare routine a bit more seriously these days (mask-ne is slowing killing me).

Have you ever used a roller or gua sha tool? Do you think it made a difference to your skin?

Until next time…


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