I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling… that age

Hi, hello! I thought today would be nice to do a lil’ birthday post! I don’t think I’ve done a birthday post since my 18th ‘What I Got For My Birthday‘ post so today is going to be a rundown of how I spent my 22nd birthday… enjoy!

I turned 22 on Wednesday and boy do I feel like an old woman! This back pain is the back pain of a 70 year old and no one prepared me for it (jokes my back pain is the result of working since I turned 14 lolz). Anyway, aches and pains aside, I feel sooo weirdly hopeful for the coming year. I started a ~journey~ in my 21st year of life and I really wanna continue that journey in years to come!

I got up on Wednesday morn, and after doing my morning jobbies (feeding the fish, chickens and needy pup) my sister and I headed to the beach! Yes, it’s December. Yes, it was freezing. And yes, it was the nicest way to spend my birthday!

It was actually lovely and sunny but the rain came in pretty hard and fast so we scrambled back to the car and decided McDonalds was our next stop. I don’t get McDonalds often so this was a nice treat and you can imagine my excitement when I discovered they have brought back their veggie range (which they rudely removed in April). Even Noodles got to enjoy a birthday maccies!

When we got home my priority was getting warmed up so we cosied up in the living room with blankets and animal crossing and that’s how we stayed until we did tea, cake and presents later that evening.

I was spoilt rotten this year but this isn’t a birthday haul so I won’t bore you with a big long list. However, some of my fave bits include this gorgeous wee Ted Baker set, this beautiful wee rose gold bracelet with my name and birthstone and these snazzy Cloud 9 straighteners (with my name on those too) and mini brush!

And that’s that! I had such a fab birthday, it felt so special and magical and I truly appreciated every second of the day!

Until next time…


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