Morning Routine in Quarantine

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has completely changed their morning routine since going into lockdown. Many peoples lives have been flipped upside down and this means old habits are out.

I haven’t been to work in nearly 2 months so I no longer have to jump out of bed at 6am, get ready for work and rush out the door for the 40 minute commute. Now that I’m stuck at home all the time my mornings are a billion times slower!

I don’t set an alarm for the morning because I prefer to wake up naturally. Unfortunately for me, my body clock is set to wake up at 7am EVERY DAY. This isn’t a bad thing, it means I have the opportunity to make the most out of every day (I don’t always take it, but I always have it). I don’t actually bounce out of bed at 7am, I usually toss and turn and drift in and out of sleep until it’s time to get up and take my pill and then I open the curtains and window and air out the room. I do this every single morning to let out bad energy from the previous day and freshen things up a bit.


I don’t put a lot of stress on myself to be ultra productive every single day. If my body is telling me it wants to chill in bed for a bit, I usually listen and jump back in. Sometimes I prefer sitting in bed and checking my phone, watching some YouTube videos and getting a bit of work done on the laptop to sitting at my desk and grinding away at work. It’s more enjoyable and less of a task.

Once that’s done and dusted (or as done and dusted as it’s gonna get) I like to do my morning yoga. I have discovered a love for yoga, getting in tune with your body and working your muscles in a gentle yet effective way. Doing yoga really sets my mood for the day and puts me in a good place mentally (and yes I do it in my jammies).


After my yoga flow (which is fairly short mind you) I go and wash for the day. I only wash my hair twice a week so this usually consists of a body wash in the shower, moisturise and brushing the pearly whites.


I have really gotten into doing a wee bit of makeup everyday A. because I now have the time in the morning to sit and do it and B. because it gives me some sort of routine. I like to pop on a YouTube video or listen to some music while I do it and I take my time with it… it’s not like I’m rushing off anywhere!


Not a lot of thought goes into my outfit so I usually just throw on whatever seems appealing to me (some days are cuter than others) and head downstairs for a bite of breakfast which could be anything at this rate… my normal adult diet has officially gone out the window!

So I hope you enjoyed this wee peek into my lockdown morning routine. It’s not like this every single morning, but this is usually how it goes.

What is your typical (or quarantine) morning routine??

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Morning Routine in Quarantine

  1. Yup, my morning routine has completely changed too. I’m still in school although virtually now. This means that I’m not really getting changed and ready to go at 8 o’clock. This has often resulted in loungewear days, which have done nothing good to my motivation. Therefore, I made a deal with myself that I have to put my jewellery and makeup on pretty much every single day – because it makes me feel so much better!! Great post Ciara! I’ve always really enjoyed your posts ❤️ I hope you have a great week

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    1. Thank you Karen! I’m so pleased to see you back blogging, I really missed your posts! And I agree completely, doing small things like putting on your jewellery and a bit of makeup can really help with motivation! Hope you’re well and stay safe! ♥️

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