Eco-Friendly Skincare

Whether you’re young, old, male, female, or anything in between, you can’t really deny that skincare is an important and unavoidable part of our lives. So when you can make a few conscious changes in your routine to make it a bit more eco-friendly… why wouldn’t you? Continue reading “Eco-Friendly Skincare”

My Fave Jewellery Bits

I’ve always been well into my shiny bits and bobs and when I was a tiny tot I obvs couldn’t buy my own jewellery so it was my Mammy’s, Granny’s or other random bits I’d be rocking around the playground. Now I’m an ~adult~ and I can happily buy my jewellery and live out my childhood dreams of being the prettiest gal about lol I wish. So here are some of my fave jewellery bits! Continue reading “My Fave Jewellery Bits”

The Saharan Palette

This is my second time sitting down to write this post… let’s hope this one actually goes somewhere.

Now, in no way, shape or form do I claim to know a damn thing about makeup. I’m actually 100% sure that if a makeup artist sat down to watch me do my makeup, I’d give them an aneurism. BUUUUT, I can appreciate a good product when I use one, and this palette is no exception.

Continue reading “The Saharan Palette”