What I got for my birthday

On the 2nd of December 2017 I turned yet another year older and although I don’t think I’m any wiser for it, I’m defo getting up there on the ol’ age meter (jokes I’m only 19- still a young thang yet)! I’ve never done anything like this before but I wanted to share what I got for my birthday, kinda to relive the day. Please note that I’m not bragging in any way, I’m so grateful for everything I received and feel incredibly blessed!

Let’s start with my fam. As always, Mammy and Daddy gifted me with money as it’s so much easier than them having to rack their brains for something I would love.

My sister got me a handful of gifts (that she put quite a bit of thought into) and got me Demi Lovato’s new album (my queen), an adorable trinket dish from Sass and Belle, the most beautiful copper candle holder and two lush lil’ plants!

My darling younger brother (who has v little money as he doesn’t work) forked out a few bob and got me this ukulele case that I’ve been lusting over for the past two months! I mean, look at it, it has kitty’s on it and is pink. Who wouldn’t love that???

My friends also got me some bits for my bday which just made my wee heart swell. One of my friends has her birthday quite close to mines, so this year we exchanged gifts at the same time. She got me the Makeup Revolution Advent Calendar which I was soooooo happy about because I didn’t purchase a beauty advent calendar this year (despite really wanting one)! I’ve been really enjoying opening this every morning and the products are bloody fab!

My other friend lives in Liverpool as she’s in uni over there so she posted me my gift and it arrived yesterday, so it was a lil’ late bday pressie and I was not complaining because it meant that I got to celebrate a bit longer! She bought me a Huda Beauty Lip Kit and omg I am f*cking innnnn loooooove! The smell, the colour, the formulation, even the fricking taste is amazing! It lasts so long and surprisingly doesn’t dry out your lips. I defo think I’m gonna be using these products A LOT over the Christmas period.

Finally, a lovely woman at work treated me to two Lush bath bombs. We work together almost every shift I have and we are very close (even though she’s in her 50’s). She knows that the way to my heart is through the bath and that I have a slight obsession with Lush, so she picked me up the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb (so excited to try this!!!) and the classic Intergalactic Bath Bomb.

Once again, I am not bragging in any way, shape or form. I am just sososo grateful for everything I received for my bday and wanted to share it with you.

When’s your birthday? Have you tried the Lush Jelly Bombs yet?

Until next time…


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