Book Review

I know ~another~ book review *rolls eyes* but in all seriousness, I’ve read a few over the past month so you should defo expect more. Soz in advance (not really tho). So today I’m reviewing Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Enjoy!

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My Fave Jewellery Bits

I’ve always been well into my shiny bits and bobs and when I was a tiny tot I obvs couldn’t buy my own jewellery so it was my Mammy’s, Granny’s or other random bits I’d be rocking around the playground. Now I’m an ~adult~ and I can happily buy my jewellery and live out my childhood dreams of being the prettiest gal about lol I wish. So here are some of my fave jewellery bits! Continue reading “My Fave Jewellery Bits”