Florence by Mills: Review

Hey there! Didn’t I say there would be a new post today? Keep your eyes peeled for one every Sunday folks (and watch as I inevitably eat my words lol). Today I’m chatting all about some skincare bits I’ve been using over the past couple of months so enjoy!

I am always (literally ALWAYS) changing up the products I put on my face. I just like trying new things and seeing what works, what doesn’t, what I like and what I don’t, SO when I saw these I was like ‘hell yeah pls take my money’! Now I was drawn to Florence by Mills 1. because I really love Millie Bobby Brown, she’s a wee angel 2. the packaging is prettttyyyyy and 3. they’re cruelty free.

I picked up her face scrub and her moisturiser so let’s get into it, shall we? Starting with the face scrub, I’m gonna be honest here, I didn’t like it PURELY because of the scent (it smelt like clay???). Loved the texture, loved the consistency, loved how my lil’ cheeks felt afterwards but by god I couldn’t get past the smell so ended up giving it to my sister, who loves it.

The moisturiser on the other hand was a complete win for me. I love the smell, it’s not greasy and a wee bit goes a LONG way so even though it is a small wee tube, it lasts a good while! I had really REALLY dry skin there for a while to the point that it would literally flake off if I moved my head too fast (that’s gross, soz) but now my dry skin is virtually none existent!

So anyways to conclude: not a fan of the scrub but only because I don’t like da smeeellll, loved the moisturiser and it did wonders for my skin and the range is completely cruelty free, affordable and cute!

What are your skincare faves?

Until next time…


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