An Honest Function of Beauty Review

We’ve all seen the mega (and not-so-mega) influencers working with Function of Beauty the past wee while and everyone who is collaborating with them has done nothing but rave about the shampoo and conditioner… but are they telling the truth? Let’s see what someone who isn’t being paid by them has to say about their products.

I started using Function of Beauty back in March 2020. Beforehand I had my 18″ Beauty Works extensions in and only used Alfaparf shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. When I had my extensions removed and wasn’t taking a trip to the salon every 6-8 weeks (which is when I would have repurchased my hair products) I decided to give Function of Beauty a go as I had seen so much hype about them online.


When you go onto Function of Beauty’s website, you take a wee quiz to let them know what your hair type is, your hair goals and to design your shampoo- this is quite fun! My hair is straight, fine and really oily so the first time I took the quiz my hair goals were to fix split ends, lengthen, oil control, thermal protection and volumize. My scent was peach and I wanted it to be orange in colour. This is exactly what I got, plus personalised shampoo and conditioner bottles and stickers to put on them- again, a fun wee idea!

The second time I ordered from them I changed my hair goals lightly because my hair had changed. My hair profile stayed the same but now my goals were to lengthen, anti-frizz, oil control, reduce brassiness and fix split ends. When you choose ‘reduce brassiness’ you are automatically sent a purple shampoo and conditioner but you can still choose your scent, and I went for eucalyptus this time.


I have been using Function of Beauty for a good while now so let’s get into what I actually think. I buy big bottles (475ml) and have a 6 month subscription so every 6 months I’m charged £39. Is this a bit pricy? Yeah, I actually think it is and I defo think I could save a few £££ if I went back to using Alfaparf products BUT I’m a dick, and a lazy dick at that so the convenience of staying with them outweighs changing shampoo again.

I do think their products are good, I really like using them (minus the anxiety I have about running out before my next renewal) and as far as the goals go, I would say I’m happy with the condition of my hair after using the shampoo and conditioner. No, it hasn’t made my hair less oily. I still have to use baby powder/dry shampoo on non-hair-wash-days but I don’t think that’s a Function of Beauty fault, more just me having a greasy ass hair gene in my family.

Overall, I think the personalisation aspect of the brand is the best part. Their products are good and I am happy using them, but I defo think there is something cheaper and just as good out there if you’re willing to look for it- at the mo, I’m not.

Have you used Function of Beauty? What are your thoughts?

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “An Honest Function of Beauty Review

  1. I would love to try their products too, however, for some reason I’ve just not done it yet. I love when people are just honest and legit in their reviews – thanks so much for sharing, Ciara. I hope you’re having a great December so far xx

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