It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Okay, okay I won’t actually say it but without a shadow of doubt there is defo something in the air and it smells a lot like frosted pine and cinnamon. Here are a few ways I’ve been embracing the festive feeling!

Decorating the house

Some may think it’s a bit early but in all honesty, this year has been shit. For me, for you, for everyone… and the last 3 weeks have been no exception. My daddy caught Covid so that meant my whole family was out of work for 2 weeks, then I caught Covid and it knocked me off my feet for a few days, not to mention my Granny also caught Covid and it only went and killed her (don’t even get me started on trying to plan a decent wake and funeral in these particular set of circumstances – NIGHTMARE!!!). Basically, if you were to say “Ciara, don’t you think it’s a bit early for decs?” I would say abso-fucking-lutely not. Life is short. Decorate your house.

Welly walks

Not everyone owns a pair of wellies and not everyone needs a pair wellies but holy hell everyone should get a pair because there is truly nothing more satisfying than trudging through a big ol’ puddle, even in your twenties! I have been making the most of my coat and wellies and have been going on daily walks with my dog- we don’t mind the weather as long as there is a nice cuppa to come home to.

Cosy nights in

Now this one isn’t always easy. For some reason I need an extra wee push to pamper myself but in the colder months I really like to run a bath, pop on a facemask, stick on a film and make a lovely hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. And I’ll maybe light a candle or wax melt while I’m at it!

These are just a few things that are really easy to do and help get me into a bit more of a festive mood- it doesn’t require any money is in line with current restrictions *eye rolls at the fact that I even have to say that*.

What do you do to get into the festive spirit? How are you feeling about current Covid restrictions?

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

  1. Aww Ciara, your posts just always make me feel so cosy! I love that you’ve already decorated your house (I actually saw you doing it on IG), and tbh why not already decorate?! December already feels quick so a few weeks extra to enjoy the month is simply great!

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