Stripping My Hair

Day 1465 of quarantine (give or take a few) and boy did none of us blondies prepare ourselves for the roots of doom.

My natural hair colour is an ashy brown (as a bleach blonde baby I dunno wtf happened) and I would have regularly got highlights at my local salon, so when lockdown hit and I could no longer see my hairdresser, I let my hair grow out a bit, panicked and dyed it black (plot twist: I home bleached the front bits cuz I think I’m cool like that).

A few weeks later I realised I am not as cool as one had first thought and dyed my whole head black. Hey ho, lemme tell you, that was also not a vibe (enter a very sick looking Ciara due to her horribly Irish pale skin) so there was nothing else for it but to take the plunge and strip all the colour out.

I was dubious about hair strippers as I’ve heard many, MANY horror stories about hair being left feeling like wire, turning green and even falling out! After some (and by some I mean very little) research I went ahead and picked up the Revolution Pro Hair Colour Remover Kit and got to work (with the help of my mother- thanks Michelle).


The process consisted of a lot more steps than I anticipated. I thought it would be like box dying your hair but instead of putting a colour in, it has the opposite effect. Huns, I was waaayyyy wrong!

The first step was making up the stripper itself (they call it the ‘activator’) and putting it on your hair, making sure every single wee bit is covered and waiting 45 minutes for it to develop. The stripper smells like rotten eggs but like every nasty smell, you soon get used to it and it subsides a bit. You have to put cling film around your hair once it’s in and wrap it up in a towel to conduct a bitta heat in there. Me, being the unprepared and spontaneous soul I am, didn’t have cling film so I rocked a bright green spar bag I found in the back of a cupboard.

After the 45 minutes you have to wash it all out using lukewarm water for about 5 minutes to ensure all of the product is gone and then you have to use half of the bottle of the buffer and massage that into your bap and then wash out again for another 5 minutes… and then you repeat the process for the rest of the bottle of buffer.

Once all that is done you can rinse out the buffer and finally apply the conditioner which smells unreal! Honestly, this was the most enjoyable part of the process (but that could be because my mammy was less than gentle when applying the products and I got to do this myself).

Rinse, brush, blow dry and BAMM! I was a tad ginger but I didn’t hate it. On the contrary, I really fuckin liked it. It looked so much more natural and felt a lot more ‘me’ so all in all, I would say stripping my hair was a raging success! My hair has now oxidised to more of a brown colour so if the ginger vibes aren’t your style, it goes away pretty fast.

Have you ever stripped your hair at home? What was your experience?

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Stripping My Hair

  1. I’ve never dyed my hair, mainly because my aunt is an amazing hair dresser and would actually kill me if I ever considered dying my own hair lol. Anyway, I have to say how absolutely gorgeous you look in the last picture. Not only does your hair look amazing, but that makeup girlll!!! You truly look stunning ❤️ I hope you have a lovely summer xx

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