What’s on my iPhone

Hello Everybody!

If you’re anything like me, then you probably have an urge to know every single little detail about an individual. It’s not that I think I deserve to know, but I just like knowing as much about the people I associate myself with as physically possible. My whole family say I am the nosiest person they have ever met, they say I take after my Granny (she is a very nosey woman) and they sometimes like to withhold information from me because they know it bugs me. I love seeing what other people have in their handbags, purses etc. and iPhones are absolutely no exception. So here are the apps I have on my iPhone.


So this is the first page of my iPhone. My background is a picture of my dog and I. My lock screen is also a picture of my dog. Can you tell I’m a little obsessed with him?

This page just has all those apps that already come on an iPhone. Honestly, I don’t use many of them. I use Mail regularly and also go through my own photos more than an average human should and I sometimes take a scroll through the News app, but this is very rarely.

I use Calendar a lot because I like to write down my working hours and any plans I have on my phone as well as in my 2017 diary. The rest of those apps sit and collect virtual dust.


This page is the page my phone is usually sitting on. These are the apps that I use all the time. And yes, for those of you who have noticed, I do organise my apps in alphabetical order (don’t judge me pls). The only part of my phone that isn’t in alphabetical order is that little bar at the bottom- don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

The amazon app is a must for me. I love Amazon. I could sit on it for hours just scrolling and searching and buying and you’ve probably noticed that quite a lot of my things are from Amazon, like these and this and I also buy all of my books on Amazon because they do the deal of 3 paper backs for £10 and they just know how to twist my arm! I have a problem, okay?!

The Bitmoji app gives me life. I love dressing up my lil’ character. I love her, need I say more? It’s a mini me in my phone, I mean c’mon!

Then I have mobile banking (life saver) and calculator because I can’t do the simplest of mathematical sums in my head (still passed my GCSE though) and EasyJet which I’ve honestly only used once.

I use Facebook, Instagram, MixerBox, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter and Whatsapp daily. I love Instagram and it saddens me because I don’t post as much as I would ideally like to. MixerBox is the app I use for music and although you do need to be connected to the internet to use it, it’s really good. I use Twitter for blogging so I’m on that every single day and I love keeping up with what all the other bloggers are up to.

Every blogger who uses WordPress should 100% consider downloading the app. It is so simple to use and makes life so much easier!

The rest of the apps are ones I don’t use a lot but still like to have a look through from time to time. Yes, I am aware I have 25 unread Tinder notifications. No, I will not open them… ever. I use FaceTime to talk to my sister who lives in Liverpool because it’s nice to actually see her face, rather than just texting her. I used to play Parking Free religiously but they’re trying to make me pay for levels now, so I’m probably gonna delete that soon.

So this has been a rundown of some of the apps I have on my phone. There is nothing super exciting here but this was a fun post to write and these are the kinds of posts I enjoy reading.

What apps do you have on your phone? Do you use every single one on a daily basis?

Until next time…


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