All Dressed Up

Hello Everybody!

A little while ago I was contacted by the lovely Grace from, which is an online dress shop that ships internationally, asking me to write a post about their online store. After agreeing I quickly jumped over to their site and spent the next few hours browsing through all the amazing gowns they have to offer.They sell a variety of dresses, including bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, formal/prom dresses and more! Not only that, they’re absolutely stunning!

There are some beautiful Lace Bridesmaid Dresses that would be perfect for a summer wedding and they range in colour, from dark purples to pastel pinks and greens, there is something that will suit everyone’s taste!

As well as the traditional long dresses that go all the way to the floor, they also have a range of Short Bridesmaid Dresses. These are absolutely, without a doubt, drop dead gorgeous. And they’re so versatile as they can be worn for other occasions, like a dinner dance or gala.

Of course, they sell traditional Bridesmaid Dresses 2017. These dresses are all from their 2017 collection and they are mostly long bridesmaid dresses. Everything is so beautifully made and the detail on each dress makes them unique and individual. Every bride should be browsing this shop for her big day.

One thing that I love about Aisle Style is that they have plus size bridesmaid dresses, so if you’re a lil’ pudgy like me, you’re sorted! Also, you know how some shops have plus sizes, but they’re bland and usually aren’t as nice as all the other sizes? Well this isn’t the case here. Even the plus size bridesmaid dresses are stunningly beautiful.

You can also buy wedding party dresses and I have to admit, I spent the majority of my time looking at these dresses. My cousin is getting married this August and I’m currently in the market for something to wear, so you could say it was a justifiable amount of time and because she’s getting married in summer, the shorter dresses were the ones that were catching me eye.

There are some special occasion dresses too. Anything could be a special occasion, I guess everyone’s definition of ‘special’ is different. I like to treat almost everything as a special occasion, so naturally, I wanna dress up and look like a princess all the time. Aisle Style really cater to this particular need and embarrassingly, I could let hours slip away simply imagining myself in different scenarios wearing some of these dresses. Is that sad? Probably. I need to get a boyfriend/social life.

Here are some of my favourite dresses from their website:

Do you enjoying getting dressed up for special occasions? Are you currently looking for something to wear to one?

Until next time…


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