Little Red Boots

Hello Everybody!

You may have seen on my twitter that I recently purchased the cutest pair of red wellington boots in the whole entire world. I mean it, I am absolutely in looooveee with these bad boys!So, I ordered these boots from Amazon as I was in need of a pair of wellies to tend to the chickens I’m getting shortly (my garden is so muddy, normal shoes just couldn’t survive those conditions). They arrived 4 days after I had bought them, which was actually a day earlier than they said I would get them (bonus) and when I opened them I simply knew I couldn’t use them for the garden.

These wellies are soooo adorable, I can’t bare to see them get all dirty and destroyed. I love them so much, I’ve worn them all day and got so many compliments. I think I’m going to keep these as a pair of ‘wear to make yourself look like an adorable cinnamon roll’ shoes and order another pair for the garden, as they were so cheap anyway.

You can order them here, if you’re interested in buying a pair of these for yourself or a loved one (I know that if I received these as a gift I would be one happy bunny).

Of course, these boots aren’t going to be to everyone’s tastes. While my sister said they were “stylish and cute”, my brother looked at my feet while out shopping and said “I forgot you were wearing wellies, this is so embarrassing”. But I personally love them, and they bring me a lot of happiness and joy, so why the hell shouldn’t I wear them?

Do you have an item of clothing that you love wearing? Would you wear wellies as everyday footwear?

Until next time…


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