Harry Potter Makeup Brushes

Hello Everybody!

There are sooo many different kinds of makeup brushes floating around in the big bad world (has anyone seen those unicorn ones? They’re frickin amazing!) and when it comes to buying something to apply makeup, we really are spoilt for choice. I’ve never been fussy about what I use to apply makeup. If it puts the product on my face, it’s good enough for me. I am currently using these makeup brushes that I bought off Amazon. They were super cheap and are incredible quality for the price. Although I would have been happy enough to use these makeup brushes until they are on their death bed, my Mum and Dad got me some pretty cool makeup brushes for Christmas and I just had to share them with you!

These are Harry Potter makeup brushes (!!!!!!) and they are my most prize possession when it comes to my beauty collection. I am a HUGE dork and Potterhead, I read the books a least once every year and watch the movies religiously. I play Pottermore waaaay more than an 18 year old girl should. I own more Harry Potter themed clothing (everyday wear, pyjamas, underwear, socks, slippers and Slytherin robe included) than any human being would ever need. Honestly, I am known for being ‘that girl that’s obsessed with Harry Potter’, so when I unwrapped these, I almost passed out, cried a lil’ bit and my Dad had to get me a glass of water.

Each brush is a wand from the world of Harry Potter (Voldemort’s is my favourite) and they are made out of metal, so they’re extra sturdy and have no chance of breaking. The bristles are so soft, which I was pleasantly surprised with, as any other quirky makeup brush I’ve owned was very coarse and rough on the skin.

One downside is that because they are made of metal, they are slightly heavy and so applying precise makeup can be difficult, however I can overlook this because they’re so frickin awesome!

Unfortunately, the company that made these are currently sold out and they are unsure if they will restock or not, so getting your hands on these may be hard.

I am sooo grateful to my parents for buying me these, they took about a month and a half to arrive (and arrived well after Christmas Day), but I was happy to wait and am so glad they got me these. Not only because they are so unique and cool, but because they hold a lot of sentimental value, my parents clearly put a lot of thought into this and for that, I am so gracious.

Do you own any super cool makeup brushes? Does anyone else own these Harry Potter ones?

Until next time…


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