Mini New Look Haul

Hello Everyone!

I have never really enjoyed your conventional clothes shopping… it’s just not the type of gal I am. I prefer grocery shopping to clothes shopping. I guess it has a lot to do with confidence. I hate going into a busy clothes store because I feel like everyone else in there is silently judging my tastes and how I look. However, when shopping online, I’m completely in my element (I can do it braless, which is probably the best part). I know online shopping can be a high risk game. Will the product be of good quality? Will it fit? Will it look the same as the one on the website? Will it come in time for *insert social event here*? There is an endless list of ‘what ifs?’ when it comes to shopping online. That being said, I feel like New Look get it pretty damn spot on. So here is a tiny, lil’ New Look haul from my online shopping spree last week. Everything I purchased from New Look is black because that is just the type of person I am. The first thing I bought was this gorgeous sheer, black shirt. It is sooo light and comfortable and it has the most beautiful embroidery on the chest. Embroidery is soo in right now and honestly, I’m a bit late to the party with this one, but I’m super excited to actually get to wear this lil’ beaut! The only thing about this shirt is that it is quite see-through, so you’ll need to wear a black top underneath it, but who is really going to be bothered by this?

Up next is a pair of black skinny jeans. Funny story, I was actually in need of a new pair of black skinnies because my old ones ripped. I’m not talking about a small rip in the knee, no, I’m talking about a HUGE rip right up the rear-end section. I was innocently getting into the car, so excited to go buy my iPhone 7, when I heard something tear. Needless to say I had to rush back inside and change. How do you know it’s time to go on a diet? When your jeans rip while getting into your car. So, I bought these  black, high waist skinny jeans. They have small rips at the knee and are literally the most comfortable jeans I have eveerrrr owned in my life! They’re slightly stretchy so they will never be too tight and they’re a great length for me (normally jeans are far too long for my short ass but these are perf!).

Lastly, I got these gorgeous black, suede boots and they were on sale… how could I say no? I’m that friend that ends up falling and sustaining a few injuries on a night out, however, I’ve discovered that the thicker the heel, the less serious my injuries are (that doesn’t mean I don’t fall over though). What I loooove about these boots is that they’re stylish enough to wear on a night out, but I’ve also worn them to Asda on a Sunday to do the weekly shop (I was the best dressed person in Asda that day-thank you New Look). I’m in love with these boots, they’re my babies and I’ll definitely be taking them to Liverpool with me in February.

So that was my little New Look haul from last week. When I ordered all of these, I wasn’t trying to make an outfit, but if the suede boot fits…

I couldn’t find links to the shirt or boots on New Look’s website, so if you’re interested in these, you’ll have to do a little internet or in-store searching of your own, but I did find the jeans.

Are you on the embroidered clothing bandwagon yet? Do you prefer online shopping or actually going to the store?

Until next time…


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