What’s in my Bag?

Hello  Everybody!

This is my first post since announcing on my Twitter that I will now be uploading on Wednesdays and Sundays, as opposed to just Sundays. I will try to have a blog post up at 5pm on a Wednesday and continue uploading at 11am on Sundays. Today you’ll be getting an exclusive, sneak peek into the contents of my handbag (this is top secret stuff guys). I am one of those gals who loooove to have a gorgeous handbag hanging from her  shoulder and needless to say, this is an expensive lifestyle to live. I think I get my love of hangbags from my Mother, who has quite the impressive collection, if I do say so myself. She taught me that if you go into a shop and don’t see anything you need/want, you’re probably in need of a new bag (thanks, mom). Continue reading “What’s in my Bag?”

Christmas Pamper Routine

Hello Everybody!

Winter is magical, crisp and relaxing, however it can also be mean, cruel and cold. Today I will be showing you my winter pamper routine to keep us all cosy during the colder months. My winter pamper routine isn’t that different than my summer/spring/autumn pamper routine but there are a few subtle differences between them. Continue reading “Christmas Pamper Routine”

Lush Bath Bomb Haul

Hello Everybody!

Sunday is upon us once again and my oh my, I have had a busssy weekend! This weekend I celebrated my 18th birthday… and I mean it, I partied hard. The problem with partying all weekend, though, is that it leaves very little time to think of what you want to post on your blog come Sunday evening! I was quite stuck in the mud when suddenly I had the not-so-original-yet-completely-acceptable idea to do a lush haul as I was kindly gifted some products from my friends and family! Continue reading “Lush Bath Bomb Haul”

Kate Moss Lipstick Review

Hello Everybody!

Today I’ll be doing a review on the ever so popular ‘Rimmel London Kate Moss’ lipstick. This is my first review on a makeup product… and I have no idea what I’m doing. But in the true spirit of being a blogger, I shall give it my best shot. I’ve done book reviews before, but there’s so much more to talk about when you’re reviewing a book… right? Continue reading “Kate Moss Lipstick Review”

Unwinding this Autumn

Hello Everybody!

Autumn is one of the most, if not, the most peaceful time of the year. It’s cosy inside and cold outside, the fire is lit (although mines is lit all year round!) and the colours are vibrant and tranquil. This is why Autumn is my favourite time of the year. It’s relaxing! So, I’m going to share some of my favourite things to do to unwind and relax this Autumn. Continue reading “Unwinding this Autumn”