What’s in my Bag?

Hello  Everybody!

This is my first post since announcing on my Twitter that I will now be uploading on Wednesdays and Sundays, as opposed to just Sundays. I will try to have a blog post up at 5pm on a Wednesday and continue uploading at 11am on Sundays. Today you’ll be getting an exclusive, sneak peek into the contents of my handbag (this is top secret stuff guys). I am one of those gals who loooove to have a gorgeous handbag hanging from her  shoulder and needless to say, this is an expensive lifestyle to live. I think I get my love of hangbags from my Mother, who has quite the impressive collection, if I do say so myself. She taught me that if you go into a shop and don’t see anything you need/want, you’re probably in need of a new bag (thanks, mom). Continue reading “What’s in my Bag?”