What’s in my bag?

Sometimes in life we see something and we just have to have it. We could have a million different versions of this particular item, but for some reason we need ~this~ one. For me, it was ~this~ bag from River Island. Did I need ANOTHER bag? No. Did I buy it anyway? Yes, yes I did. Continue reading “What’s in my bag?”

The Saharan Palette

This is my second time sitting down to write this post… let’s hope this one actually goes somewhere.

Now, in no way, shape or form do I claim to know a damn thing about makeup. I’m actually 100% sure that if a makeup artist sat down to watch me do my makeup, I’d give them an aneurism. BUUUUT, I can appreciate a good product when I use one, and this palette is no exception.

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Lush Haul

I love a good bath, quite frankly, I don’t really get people who don’t. They’re warm, relaxing and can do wondrous things for your skin, so obvs Lush is one of my fave places in the world to spend my money. I received LOADS of bath bombs for Christmas but considering I use a bath bomb every bloody time I run a bath, I only had two left before I made a huge (some might find it small- it’s huge for me) order from Lush.

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Huge Collective Haul: Part Two

Hello Everybody!

I’ve never had to split a post into two before, but it was sooo necessary for this one as I have also never done so much shopping over the course of one month before. So before this intro gets too long and I have to make another post just to complete the haul… here is the remainder of last week’s haul!

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Huge Collective Haul: Part One

Hello Everybody!

I don’t know what’s gotten into me recently, but I’ve been doing a whole lotta spending and not very much saving. Normally I’m really responsible with my money. I don’t over indulge in retail therapy, I love making finance sheets to stay on top of things and I rarely treat myself (I don’t know if I’m just a really financially responsible 18 year old or if I’m just reallllly tight when it comes to spending) so the fact that I’ve gone shopping both physically and virtually surprised me.

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Gold Glitter Cut Crease

Hello Everybody!

I’m no makeup artist, but I do like to dabble in it from time to time. I used to get my makeup done professionally every single time I went out. Every damn time. I don’t know why I felt the need to go so out of my way to look halfway presentable for a night out. Recently I’ve gotten a lil’ more confident in my makeup skillz so I’ve been doing it myself the past few nights and this is one of the looks. I’ve been calling it a ‘Gold Glitter Cut Crease’ cuz I don’t know what else to call it… so here ya go!

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My Favourite Jeans

Hello Everybody!

I am who I am, and that person happens to be completely obsessed with my black skinnies. You can see the ones I’m talking about >here<. I mean it, I live in these babies. So much so that the rip in the knee is considerably larger than when I first bought them but hey, who doesn’t like showing a bitta knee now and then? Continue reading “My Favourite Jeans”