Sew-in Hair Extensions: My Experience

You know when you get bored and restless and it usually ends up with you doing something pretty drastic? Yeah, well when I feel like that I usually take a pair of scissors to my hair and go wild.

I used to have   L O N G   hair (like down to my bum) and I took a notion one day to cut it up to my shoulders. A few years later, I’ve gave myself bangs, gone back to blonde and my hair isn’t much longer.

I was sooo sick of having meh length hair so I started looking into extensions. After deliberating it (for about 3 days tops) I took the plunge and booked a consultation.

The Consultation

When you want extensions, it’s not as easy as getting someone to stick hair to your head. You first have to go for a consultation. This is basically a wee chat with your hairdresser to discuss the process, what goes in to having extensions, the upkeep and whether or not  they’re for you. If you still want them, your hairdresser will do a colour match to your own hair.

I was weary about getting them but I knew I really wanted them. After my consultation was done and I got all the answers to the questions that were burning in my mind, I decided I still wanted to get them and put down my deposit (£100 in my case).

The Process

I went in to get my extensions at 11am on a Tuesday morning. My hairdresser was running behind schedule so she couldn’t take me until 11:30. I was finished by 12:15 (curls included).

The whole thing took less than 45 minutes. She basically took really thin pieces of hair, put these wee plastic clips in them and began to sew the extensions to my hair in layers (I have 3 layers in). It was quick, painless and kinda fascinating to watch.

When they’re all in, your hairdresser will cut your own hair to blend the ends in to the extensions. My hairdresser offered me a complimentary curl and ta-dahh! I now have 18″ hair and feel like a Kardashian (without the dolla).

Before a refit

All together, the extensions cost £300 and the shampoo, serum and treatment cost another £50. It is no cheap fix to being bored with your short hair, but I did see it as an investment in myself (and I perhaps take the phrase ‘treat yo’self’ far too seriously).

After refit, colour, toner and curl

The Aftercare

My extensions are ice-blonde so they have a shorter lifespan than others because of the bleaching process. I can wear them for 4-6 weeks and then I have to get them refitted and they should last me the guts of a year (more if you are ~really~ good to them).

*disclaimer: I have left an Amazon link for all products mentioned but I personally buy mines directly from my hair salon*

There is a lot of upkeep in having extensions. I can only wash them once a week (I can wash my actual hair), any more than this and you will dry them out. Also, your shampoo is vital! Anything from a shop or chemist is a no no. I use the Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Diamond. 

Heat isn’t recommended, once again, maybe once a week but any more and you’ll risk drying them out.

Because it is human hair, it gets split ends and dryness is a big thing because they aren’t actually attached to your head so don’t get any oils on them, so it’s recommended to do a hair treatment once or twice a week. I use the Revlon Professional Uniq One Coconut Hair Treatment once or twice a week and the Beauty Works Argan Serum (not linked because they’re selling it for about £40 and it’s really only about a tenner) twice a day.

No swimming, no chemicals, no bleach and you DO NOT want to dye your extensions. You may as well have set your money on fire if you’re going to do that carry on.

Other than that, it’s very much like normal hair that you grew yourself. You can still do everything you could do when you didn’t have extensions, you just look a bit snazzier doing them.

My Thoughts

I really love my extensions. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I got them (thank you consultation) so the hard work isn’t a deterrent for me. Extensions aren’t for everyone, if you are someone who struggles to run a brush through your hair ever day, they probs aren’t for you. I am planning to keep them until my natural hair is more or less the same length (only 8″ to go!!).

Have you ever considered sew-in extensions? If you have them, what are your thoughts?

Until next time…


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