Wee Life Update

Oh haii there.

Bit awks popping on here considering I’ve been MIA for god knows how long! I have been ‘spiralling’ (thank you Shane Dawson for giving me this wonderful word to describe how I feel all the bloody time) and blogging has been put on the back burner.

I’m not gonna sit here and say “Guys I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll post more! I’ve been so busy!” You don’t want to hear it… and it’s not the whole truth.

Okay… got a tad dramatic there. Yes, I’ve been busy. I started a new job for my placement year at uni and I’m still doing hours in the shop so work life is kinda heavy atm. I have also kinda, sorta developed a bit of a social life (well done Ciara, only took you the guts of 20 years) and have been spending more time out with friends rather than sitting alone in my room. Also… the ol’ love life isn’t completely dead anymore??? I mean, nothing serious yet and probs not for a while but I’m having fun and being young so who the hell cares?

As far as work-life balance goes, I’m still trying to work that one out. Most socialising has to be done late at night cuz I work all day so that means I’m pretty fuckin’ tired all the damn time. Although I would like to say I have the early nights and early rises down, I will admit I’m more of a ‘stay up until you pass out and then fake it til you make it’ kinda gal.

2019-10-18 07:33:21.350

My blog has taken a back seat (big time!!!) the past few months, but it’s also been on my mind A LOT… among other things (like boys, failing friendships and the inevitable death of our poor planet if we don’t get our shit together) I have been seriously thinking about how I could turn my blog into a career. I’m talking Poppy Deyes kinda shiz. I dunno how to go about that yet but I have a feeling it’s gonna take more than a ‘once in a blue moon’ posting schedule.

Aaaaaannywaaay… ramble over. I just wanted to pop on and say hello, still here and desperately trying to get my ducks in a row. I haven’t stopped blogging and don’t intend to. Like I said earlier, I’m spiralling.

Until next time…


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