The OrganiCup: My Experience

*warning: this post may be a tad TMI*

I think it’s pretty safe to say there isn’t one gal out there that enjoys that ~special~ time of the month. I know I don’t, and even though I know deep down it isn’t good for my body, I’m pleased when I miss my period for whatever reason. Everything about it makes me moan in annoyance and I know I’m not alone in this boat.

Isn’t it annoying that we have to spend our hard earned cash on tampons and pads- something that is absolutely unavoidable in every female’s life? I didn’t ask to bleed for 5 days straight every month, yet here I am, having to fund it. NOT FAIR!

I always preferred tampons to pads (even though they are pricier) because I felt a lot more secure in them, but would use a pad on days when my flow was a bit lighter, so I was having to buy both. I had always seen ads for menstrual cups but was waaaay too scared to even think about that! Until I actually did start thinking about it.

I think I had just had enough of spending money on something I regard as a necessity (they’re branded as a luxury product but 100% is not) so I started doing a little digging into menstrual cups and the OrganiCup stood out to me the most. I pondered over it for ages and then read >this< post by Elen and decided to bite the bullet and just go for it.



I bought the OrganiCup for around £15 on Amazon because it wouldn’t let me use their website and it arrived within about a week. Obvs I wasn’t on my period when I ordered it so I couldn’t try it out right away but I boiled it and all that jazz and gave it a go anyway just so I was prepared.

Firstly, it wasn’t fun. I used the ‘c-fold’ method and was still struggling! After changing positions a few times (literally squatting in the middle of my bathroom) and a bit of will-power I got it in but wasn’t convinced I had done it right. So, I pulled it out again (ouch), washed it and popped it into a drawer. Out of sight, out of mind.


When I actually got my period I thought ‘Shit I actually have to use this thing’ and prepared to go through the process all over again.

The OrganiCup comes in a wee box that has a full set of instructions on how to clean it, insert it, remove it and store it when you’re done and the packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. They also provide a wee cotton bag to store it in when you’re done.


At first I was still stuggling and but I couldn’t not use it (my fault for not buying any backup ~in case~ it didn’t work for me) and eventually I was getting the hang of things and it wasn’t too bad anymore. Towards the end of my period I was using the OrganiCup with ease!

I never had any leaks, couldn’t feel the cup when it was in and could go HOURS without having to empty it. I could do everything that I would be doing when I wasn’t on my period and generally experienced no issues! I call that a win!

One thing that the OrganiCup made me realise was that I actually bleed a lot LESS than a tampon or pad had me believe. Only once did I actually manage to fill the cup and it was on my heaviest day. I couldn’t believe it!

According to the OrganiCup’s website, by the time I reach menopause, I will have saved 118lbs of waste and £851 on period products… that’s crazy!


I am so pleased with my experience using a menstrual cup and honestly can’t see myself ever going back to pads and tampons. Obviously, everyone is different and a menstrual cup won’t work for everyone, but in the future I hope to see them becoming normalised and more people making use of them.

Have you ever used a menstrual cup? How was your experience?

Until next time…



2 thoughts on “The OrganiCup: My Experience

  1. I remember you asking me about this on Instagram. I’m so happy to hear that you got on so well with it! The money we can save is absolutely crazy and I couldn’t get me head around it at first. Absolutely loved this review and your honesty – the insertion can be super tricky. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

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