Using What You’ve Got

Last week was bloody gorgeous and even though the good weather has gone away again, I have been left with a wee reminder of its presence… sunburn.

Yes, the sun peeped its head out for a mere two days and I burnt myself stupid. I do this every year the sun makes an appearance and I don’t see any sign of learning my lesson any time soon.

I’ve been left red raw on my arms, legs and chest and when I say red, I mean RED! That’s what zero sun screen in your back garden gets you, I guess.

2019-06-29 13:57:27.285

So I was sat suffering for a few days, hopelessly applying after sun as you do when you let mother nature bake you, and was getting NO relief! Fair enough, my after sun is over a year old but it should still work… right? Wrong.

If you know me then you’ll know my house is more a green house than an actual ‘people house’. I have more plants than I know what to do with and one of those plant babies happen to be an aloe vera. They’re known for their soothing gel so why didn’t I think of using it sooner?

After a quick google search on how to de-stem my aloe without killing the poor thing, I got my knife and got cutting. After you get the actual stem off the rest is pretty easy. Simply remove all of the pointy thingys and all of the skin and you’re left with that magical gel.

2019-06-29 13:55:53.646

I probably could have bottled it up but I didn’t really wanna faff around with it that much so I just slapped it on my burnt bits and holy moly it worked a treat! I don’t think I will ever buy a bottled sunburn treatment again and why would I? Who wants to contribute to the already colossal amount of single use plastic when you can just chop and rub at home? It’s a win-win: good for the environment, great for the skin!

Have you ever cut and used the gel from your own aloe vera plant? 

Until next time…


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