My Fave Jewellery Bits

I’ve always been well into my shiny bits and bobs and when I was a tiny tot I obvs couldn’t buy my own jewellery so it was my Mammy’s, Granny’s or other random bits I’d be rocking around the playground. Now I’m an ~adult~ and I can happily buy my jewellery and live out my childhood dreams of being the prettiest gal about lol I wish. So here are some of my fave jewellery bits!


Pandora Birthstone Ring


Gee isn’t this pretty? I swear I loooove a ring and who wouldn’t want one with your birthstone in it? My bday is in December so I’ve got this GORGE blue stone in it and I just love how it looks when the light catches it!

Argento Birthstone Ring


Admittedly no one really ~needs~ two rings with their birthstone in them BUUUUUUT this one from Argento is quite different from my Pandora one. For starters, it’s rose gold and the stone itself is more purpley. I’m aware that December has a few different stones so that explains the difference in colour. Plus, this ring is actually adjustable which I love because I’ve lost a bit of finger weight (??????) so hardly any of my rings fit me anymore!

Pandora Princess Tiara Ring


I got this ring for my 18th birthday a spicy 2 years ago (it’s one of the ones that slip off now) and every time I look at it my breath is taken away. The detail on this ring is phenomenal! I know a lot of people don’t like it because it’s such a ‘basic bitch’ ring, but hey, maybe I’m a basic bitch?

Emerald Claddagh Ring


My wee granny bought me this ring and once again, I can’t wear it anymore for fear of it slipping off but holy shit I love this beauty! Firstly, she didn’t know my ring size so guessed and it fit perfectly (before the weird finger weight loss) so it was just destined to live on my finger. I love the contrast between the shiny silver and the deep colour of the stone!

Olivia Burton Watch


I bought this watch just a little over a year ago and I’ve worn it to death! Although I wear my Fitbit everyday, if I’m going out for the night or have a special occasion I’ll swap it out for my trusty Olivia Burton and I just think it adds so much to a look! I actually damaged it while decorating my house for Christmas last year but my Daddy did what he could to mend it and you can hardly notice it!

Sliver Bracelet


The women on my Daddy’s side of the family are shocking for sharing their jewellery. I was visiting my Granny one day and one of my Aunts said she found this silver bracelet on her mantlepiece and immediately thought of me, so she gave it to me and I haven’t taken it off since. I think it is so classy looking and jazzes up any outfit I wear!

Dried Flower Necklace


Don’t even get me started on this. Ya know how I mentioned that I would rock some of my Mammy’s jewellery? Well this is the first piece she ever gave me, and her Mammy gave it to her before that! Not only does this necklace have A LOT of sentimental value but LOOK. AT. IT!!! There is literally a tiny dried flower in there!

Double Ring Necklace


Okay, let’s get one thing straight here… I bought this necklace from Primark and it looks so much more expensive than that! I bloody love Primark, always have and always will. I happily shop there over places like Top Shop, New Look or River Island (I shop in those stores too, but Primark is my go-to) but I’ll be the first to admit that their quality isn’t always there. This necklace, however, doesn’t leave a big black ring around your neck, hasn’t tarnished at all since buying it and looks like thee shit! Annnd it was £1.50! Barg!

Okay! So these have been a few of my fave wee jewellery bits. None of these were hella expensive and the quality of them are fab so I can trust that they’re gonna last me a looong time.

What are your fave jewellery pieces to wear? Do you own any bits passed down from a family member?

Until next time…


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