Living for Liverpool

Oh hello there! You might have noticed that I’ve been a tad quiet on the blogging front recently but I’m back again and hoping to blast out some new content (kinda motivated what with spring being just around the corner and all that). You can read my latest post >here< if ya like!
Annnnnnywaaayyy… I was recently in Liverpool (this is becoming an annual thing and I’m not complaining) to visit my friend who is studying over there atm. This is my third time so over the years we have kinda exhausted most of the sights n’ shit so we had to do a bit of creative thinking of things to do and we ended up with a pretty good list of ‘activities’.


My flight was on Sunday afternoon so I landed in Liverpool at 3pm and after a 50min bus ride we popped into Tesco and Home Bargains for a bit of supply shopping for my stay (fruit, juice, snacks, quarter bottle of vodka, crumpets etc) and then got a taxi back to Michaela’s flat. I was starving so I bought a sandwich in Tesco and ate half of that before we went to get ready for our night.

We decided that we would go to an all veggie/vegan restaurant (Michaela isn’t either but insisted on going for me, bless her) called Down The Hatch and we both had veggie burgers, fries and a cocktail each. The meal was fuckin’ amazing and the vibez in the restaurant were cool af too so I was really impressed!

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side so our plans to go ‘out out’ were quickly derailed. On the way home from dinner our taxi driver tried (and failed) to convince us to stay in so we did end up going out and actually had a great time (PSA: if you wanna have a good night out, leave the heels at home and fuck what people think about your flats x).


I reeeeaaaallly wanted to get a tattoo on this trip so one of our main plans were to see if we could get a walk-in somewhere and we did end up getting somewhere to take us for  Wednesday afternoon! We also wanted to visit the cat café and needed a spot of lunch sooo we went to Michaela’s Whetherspoons (she doesn’t own it, she just works there) and I had the veggie lasagne which was doused in pesto so I thought I wouldn’t like it but it was actually really nice!

The cat café was next and holy shit that was an experience and a half! I thought I didn’t really like cats that much but it turns out I actually really do and had heaps of fun playing with the kitties. You have to sign a contract that you won’t annoy the cats and you can’t touch them if they’re asleep but other than that the world is your oyster and all drinks are FREE! We met the lovely George (and I almost stole him before deciding it would be too difficult to smuggle him back to Ireland) and even saw one of those cool inside-out cats! 10/10 I would highly recommend visiting a cat café if you ever get the chance!

We popped into a few shops and did some shopping (dangerous for someone who is only allowed hand-luggage) and then headed for home to order a Deliveroo and watch Birdbox, which is a fab movie btw.


We had to get up early on Tuesday because we had to make our train to Manchester. I’ve never been so I was really excited (I’ve also only been on a train once before so I was equally excited for that). We had a Costa at the train station and after giving a woman a death stare for kicking a pigeon we jumped on the train and were on our way! The journey lasted about 50mins and it was really fun just chillin’ and talking utter rubbish.

When we got to Manchester we obviously did some shopping in New Look, Primark etc. and went to Selfridges (never been in a fancier establishment in my life) and got a free can of Irish Jameson whisky from some reps on the street. It was ginger and lime and I don’t like whisky but it was damn nice! As we drank those an art student (I assume) began to sketch us and I befriended a wee pigeon with no feet… I named him Stumpy and thus he was the second animal I wanted to but couldn’t smuggle back home.

We popped into an Irish bar (it was empty as it was only 2pm on a Tuesday) and had a West Coast Cooler Rosé and packet of Tayto crisps and then walked about the city for a while popping into whatever shops tickled our fancy. When we got hungry we decided on Zizi’s and I ate a whole ass pizza to myself (nearly). We finished our trip at the Starbucks in the train station and bought some snacks in M&S to watch the first episode of Derry Girls when we got home.


Once again, we had to rise early as I had to pack and pop to the post office to send some of my belongings home (as usual, I over-shopped and no level of Marie Kondo organisation was helping). We went for breakfast in The Cosy Corner (loved it) and I ordered the veggie fry (loved that too) and went to Archie’s for dessert (because dessert after breakfast should defo be a thing!) where I ordered my fave Oreolicious milkshake! I had my tattoo appointment at 2:30pm which only took five minutes lol so Michaela went to Lidl to do her grocery shop.

I then jumped on a bus to the airport after saying my goodbyes and sat for a hour taking in my surroundings. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed 3 bloody hours. Fortunately, my work friend was over visiting Hope University and I bumped into her and her Mammy at the airport so I wasn’t alone while we waited.

My trip to Liverpool was fantastic, I love getting out to visit Michaela (and secretly check up on her) and we always have a fab wee time together. Sadly, I don’t think I have any other holidays in the books atm so I might have to change that!

Are you heading off anywhere exciting soon? Do you leave packing to the last minute or are you well prepared for your travels?

Until next time…


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