I am Happy

If you’ve been around here for a while then you’ll know that I have struggled with depression and anxiety in the past.. if you’re new then hello, hi I’m Ciara and I have depression and anxiety 🙂

Ya know, it can be a real shit storm when most of your problems are in your own head (anxiety) and you feel like your whole world is crumbling in around you (depression) but lately things have been so light for me.

For the past few months (maybe longer, my concept of time is ridiculous lol) I have actually been pretty  H A P P Y  and I’m enjoying every day as it comes. My sister and I have been getting along like a bloody house on fire (we don’t usually fight anyway but lately we’ve been besties *cringe*) and it’s soooo bliss! Actually all of my family relationships have been going really well and this is important because family means a lot to me. I’ve started exercising again and tbh I didn’t realise I missed it until I started doing it again. There’s something euphoric about sweating out some built up tension! And I’ve started back at uni again (missed the first week due to ungodly weather conditions) and it feels great to have something to focus on again. Finally, I’ve noticed such a huge improvement in my bullet journaling (thx, Amanda) and I’ve booked a trip to Liverpool to see my best friend again (I miss her).

Basically, I’m actually happy right now and I’m loving every minute of it. Of course I still have my wee moments but as of late the good days outnumber the bad and I’m learning to appreciate all of these wee small things that are contributing to my sense of joy.

So here’s to happiness. Mines… Yours… Ours.

Until next time…


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