What I Put on my Face

I think it goes without saying that literally everyone has their own wee skincare routine, whether it be washing your face after a long day or slapping on ~all~ the Kiehls products, it all counts! So here are some of the bits I love using, enjoy!

In my last skincare routine post (which you can read >here<) I chatted about the Simply Pure range from Superdrug. I love Superdrug sososo much as all of their own brand products are super affordable and cruelty free, so I decided to give their Vitamin E range a go. Now, I can’t honestly say I know the benefits of vitamin E on your skin, but I really fuckin’ like it! I use the hydrating mist every morning to wake myself up and give my skin a lil’ burst of hydration. I’ve also used the vitamin E micellar cleansing water but that’s a bitch to find instore and online (clearly I’m not the only one loving it).

Speaking of cleansing water, I’m currently using the boots own brand sensitive cleansing water and it’s been working a T R E A T! I use it every single night before bed and I’ll also use it after removing my makeup because you’d be surprised how much makeup DOESN’T come off with a wipe.

I love a good facemask (don’t we all?) and once again, Superdrug comes through! I found these wee tubs and they’re honestly brill! I’ve just finished the kale one so I’m buzzing to use the charcoal one in my next pamper sesh!

One word. S U D O C R E M. Oh my sweet baby Jesus I love this shit. I’ve raved about Sudocrem before (and I think I mention it 2-3 times daily) so I’m not gonna get pure into it, but there is not a thing on this earth it can’t help with!

Finally!!! I have reallllllllly dry skin. Like imagine the driest thing you can and times it by a billion cuz that’s my skin. Basically, I’m a flakey faced lady so when I want something that’s gonna hydrate the shit outta me, I use the Astral moisturiser. This stuff is heavy duty so I don’t use it if I have to leave the house because it leaves your face greasy AF but it’s the best thing I’ve used for getting some moisture back into my skin (I use it around once or twice a week).

So these are really the only products I use on my skin ATM. There are loads more out there that I like but these are my go-tos and holy grails!

What are your fave skincare products? Are you a strict routine or ‘wash and go’ kinda person?

Until next time…


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