Exploring Edinburgh

I think we all have a wee bucket list of places we would like to experience Christmas in. For me, my top 3 are New York, Bath and Edinburgh… and over the weekend I ticked one of those off the list.


I spent the weekend exploring the magical city of Edinburgh and lemme tell you something, words aren’t quite gonna cut it!

We landed at around 1pm and got the bus right into the city centre where we immediately had the chance to explore and take it all in as we tried to navigate our way to where we were staying (which took 40 mins lol).

Edinburgh is jammed packed full of things to do (especially around Christmas) and as we were only there for the weekend we wanted to cram in as much as physically possible!

Once we got to our room and settled ourselves we headed straight back out into the cold to begin our adventure. Our first stop was New Look for flat boots (Edinburgh is a lot more hilly than I anticipated) and the post office (how exciting) and then we went straight to the Christmas Markets!

We have our own Christmas markets in Belfast but it’s NOTHING compared to Edinburgh! We were immediately transported to a land of hot chocolate, chip on a stick and fairy lights as far as the eye could see! We took a few hours to explore, ate some delicious food and took some fab pics before the heavens opened and it began pouring with rain.

After the markets we found a wee Sainsbury’s (got some alcohol and ice there) and went back to our room to touch up our makeup and head out for the night. We didn’t stay out long and only went to 3 bars (Salsa Bar, Biddy Mulligan’s and The 3 Sisters) but we met some lovely people and got to experience a bit of Edinburgh’s night life (we even bumped into a few people we knew from home).

On Saturday there was a different kind if vibe in the air and the city was PACKED with people! Saturday must be the most popular day for the markets because there was a line going up the whole street (thank God we did it on Friday). We went for breakfast in The Café Edinburgh (I would highly recommend their veggie fry) to set us up for another day of exploring and we were not disappointed! We then popped into a few shops and called into a wee bar/restaurant called The Boozy Cow (I had a chocolate milkshake while the others opted for cocktails) and we decided that we would come back later for our dinner.

After our drinks we headed back to the shops and then went up to the markets again where we bought tickets for the Ferris Wheel and watched people ice-skate for a while. When we got a bit hungry we made our way back to The Boozy Cow for our dinner (I had the most delicious veggie burger and chips ever!!!) and some cocktails. After dinner we found ourselves on the high street with all of those lovely shops that I would have to sell a kidney to afford anything from.

As we kept walking we found more and more streets that just screamed Christmas and ended up buying tickets for a silent Christmas disco and light show (which was such a heart-warming experience as loads of strangers gathered together to sing and spread Christmas cheer)!

Our flight home on Sunday was at 8am so needless to say we turned in early on Saturday night in order to be well rested for our 5am start the next day.

I have never experienced a Christmas market quite like Edinburgh’s and it’s obvious why they are so popular. I hope I get the chance to visit the city again as I feel like there is still so much we could have done!


Have you ever been to Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets? Do you have Christmas Markets where you live?

Until next time…


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