What’s in my bag?

Sometimes in life we see something and we just have to have it. We could have a million different versions of this particular item, but for some reason we need ~this~ one. For me, it was ~this~ bag from River Island. Did I need ANOTHER bag? No. Did I buy it anyway? Yes, yes I did.

There’s just something about a new bag, isn’t there? I absolutely love this wee maroon, boarder-line deep berry coloured bag. It is suede on the front and leather on the back with gold detailing. There are 3 wee compartments (front, middle and back) all of which are a great size and the usual wee tiny compartments in the main section for your phone etc.

Aaaaanywaaaay… moving on to the actual contents of the bag. I try to keep it pretty basic but I’m also someone who likes to be prepared for literally anything life is gonna throw at me (sorta fighting a losing battle here) so I tend to carry a lot of bits and bobs. The most obvious thing is my purse. It’s also a lil’ River Island number but I got it last year, so I’m not sure if you can still get them. It’s just the wee fold out wallet in white and gold and it holds everything you need to keep in your purse!

I actually keep two purses in my bag, my main purse for money, cards etc. and a wee holographic panda coin purse that holds some tablets (paracetamol, allergy tabs… you know the drill) and a tube of Carmex. You will literally never find me without Carmex, I apply the stuff religiously throughout the day!

Some other things floating around in my bag are a wee tube of hand sanitiser (can’t leave the house without it), gloves (it’s Christmas which means it’s bloody freezing), a packet of hankies because once again, it’s Christmas and someone is bound to get the sniffles in this freezing weather and a fold-away polka-dot bag for when you pop into the shop for one thing and end up buying a basket full of stuff.

The last few bits in my bag are kept in that tiny wee zip compartment in the main section and it simply holds some tampons (I carry these even when I’m not on my period because I love to be the gal that actually has one when someone else needs it) and a pen.

I like posting a new ‘What’s in my bag?’ every time I get a new one, even though the contents never really change too much!

What are your handbag essentials?

Until next time…


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