Getting into the Festive Spirit

I know, I know! It’s only November and December hasn’t even peeped its head up yet but god dammit I want to start getting into the Christmas mood! My Christmas decs went up last week and I’m ready for alllll the festiveness!

Quite frankly, I don’t wanna hear all the “it’s too early for Christmas music” or the “you can’t have your tree up yet” or anything of the sort. To put it simply, I was in a car accident last Tuesday due to an unreported oil spill on the road and was incredibly lucky to walk away from it with nothing but a few bruises, marks and a bit of shock (I can’t say the same for my poor car). The accident really opened my eyes and alerted me to the fact that life can literally be ripped away from you at any moment, so I’m done waiting to wear that coat, waiting to buy that thing and waiting to put up my bloody Christmas tree!

Christmas is my time of the year. It’s when my birthday falls (I’m turning 20 this year!), it’s when the weather gets colder and I can layer my clothes, it’s when my town is COVERED in fairy lights and it truly is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’! So I obvs run at it with full force.

This year I’ve actually been struggling to get myself buzzing with festive cheer. I think it was because I was hella stressed about presents and what to get people. So I took a night, sat down and did it all. Yep, I did all my Christmas shopping online in one night and as soon as I was done I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders! I could finally begin to get excited without having that cloud hanging over my head. I still have a few bits to get for my Daddy (a bottle of Bailey’s and fluffy socks will finish him off) and that’s me done!

Today I started the wrapping process (this year I’ve gone for brown paper and string finishings), I have a sneaky hot chocolate scheduled in for later on and I’ve got a Christmas movie list as long as my arm! I’m finally ready to let the Christmas joy throw up all over me! It’s also my birthday on Sunday so any excuse for cake, right? And I have a trip to Edinburgh planned for early December (blog post coming soon!) so I’m really excited for the coming weeks!

Are you getting into the festive spirit? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Until next time…


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