My Short Girls Trip

Wow I’m getting really bad at posting regularly but I’m kinda done apologising for having a life and being busy so here is a come-back post sorta explaining why I’ve been a pure ghost on the blogging front… I went on a wee holiday! (wooh!)

Right, so literally ageeeeessssss ago a pal from uni (I’ve legit known her for a year) came round to the house one day for a cuppa and a chat and we all got talking about wanting to go away and enjoy summer before heading back to uni. So… roll on a few hours later we were sitting in Thomas Cook looking into flights and accommodation to Croatia with some lovely lady. She was getting us ‘mega dealz’ for 3 days just outside of Split. We left thinking “damn that’s good let’s do it” but after doing our own research ended up finding cheaper flights and accommodation for 5 days in the centre of Split so duhh we ditched the travel agents and did it all ourselves and it was amazing (and we didn’t die- bonus).

Our departing flight was at 4:50pm so the day we were leaving we had plenty of time for some ‘adulting’ (a trip to the bank) and a tanning session. My sister’s boyfriend took us to the airport and lifted our friend on the way. We had a few drinks at the airport… and on the plane and we were well and truly on our way to enjoying our girls trip! We flew with EasyJet cuz their flights are cheap as chips and we are 3 students just tryna have a good time lolz.

When we landed in Croatia, the man we rented the apartment off for the 5 nights was waiting at the airport and took us directly to our apartment (he was so lovely and really easy to chat to) where we met his wife and she took us through everything and recommended some places to eat, drink and explore and answered all of our questions. After we got settled we went for a wee walk to find our bearings and ended up meeting a girl our friend knew so we got chatting for a while, found the Split sign and took some pics and explored a bit of Diocletian’s Palace and then we went back to the apartment to settle in for the night.


The next morning (and our first official day in Split) was kinda a limbo day for us to explore and find our feet. I woke up at 9am and got my first proper look of the view out of the kitchen window (STUNNING) and popped down to a bank machine to lift some money. When I got back to the apartment I had just enough time to get ready for the day before the lady who owned the apartment showed up to get money to book us a five island boat tour and a trip to the Krka waterfall and national park (when I say we stayed with the most helpful people on planet earth, I’m not joking).

When she left we headed out, had a lil’ photoshoot along the promenade because we are models (lol), grabbed a bite of breakie and did a small grocery shop. We then got ready for the beach (which took a year to find cuz we’re idiots) and spent the whole day at the beach swimming, chillin’, taking pics and drinking! We were so relaxed and got chatting to a few Australians who moved to Croatia to work (and some rude English fellas who were tryna be smart-asses) and I had a mojito literally larger than my head (and I have a big head). Needless to say we were fairly tipsy afterwards.

We found our way home much easier than we found the beach (I broke a pair of sunglasses on the way- whoops) and got showered and ready to head out for dinner.  After dinner we had another mojito and walked along the promenade ‘window-shopping’ for some luxury boats. We also met a boy named Mitch from South Africa, who mistook our fast-paced Northern Irish accents for Asian and chatted to him for a while before going home to get a good night’s rest for an early rise the next day.


The next morning we were up at 7am to got on a five island boat tour. It was a speed boat… a part of me died when I found out and a part of me filled with adrenalin and after a while the fear was gone and I was having the TIME OF MY LIFE! We were with 7 other people- 5 fairly miserable sods who sat at the back of the boat and may have been afraid that they would crack if they smiled, and a (perhaps retired) German couple who were such good craic. We had to sit right at the front of the boat which didn’t have proper seats so we had to hold onto ropes for dear life (no exaggeration). Our guides (two young Croatian men) took quite a liking to the “3 Irish beauties in the front” and could tell that we were up for some fun so needless to say we were going speeds probably in breach of health and safety regulations and were performing stunts I didn’t think possible of a speed boat filled with 12 people (it was the most amazing experience of my life but I suffered the rest of the holiday with sore arms, back and a bruised bum).

The first island we ‘docked’ at (look at me speaking sailor) was so beautiful and home to The Blue Cave (think Mako Island from H2O Just Add Water). We had a 2 hour wait before we could go on the tour of the cave but it was so beautiful once we finally got to do it. The guide talked us through the history and how the cave came to be and it was really interesting and incredibly breath-taking!

We then had to get back into the speed boat of doom to get to the next island where we didn’t pull up but rather just stopped and chilled in the bay for a while. This particular island happened to be where they filmed some of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (I was dying!!!!!). We then moved on to an island inhabited only by one man and his donkey (which is actually kinda cute) and here we docked and got to explore for 35 minutes. Because we didn’t have too long to explore we just stayed on the beach and went for a quick swim.

The second last stop was Carpe Diem Beach which is the beach of dreams! There is a tiny wee beach where boats pull up then when you go deeper into the island there are sooooo many places for cute pictures, a HUGE restaurant/bar/nightclub, a pool and another massive beach behind the restaurant. I could have easily spent the rest of the trip here but sadly we only had 2 hours to explore so we got some food and a drink, took some pics and went for another wee swim.

The last stop of the tour was Hvar. This is said to be the most expensive place in Croatia and, well, it was. We only got an ice cream each but it could’ve bought us our dinner back in Split. Hvar is beautiful and is thee destination for those party animals who wanna get smashed and have a fab time, however because it was the end of the day, we were tired and our bums were throbbing from being thrown around a speed boat for the past 5 hours, we didn’t enjoy it much. The journey back to Split was as hardcore as the rest of them but I still think it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

We freshened up and went out for dinner and drinks when we got back and then headed back to the apartment for bed because we had yet another action-packed day ahead of us.


On Friday we were up at 7:30am to catch a bus to the Krka Waterfall and National Park. The bus journey alone lasted an hour and 30 minutes so we had plenty of time to chill and potentially catch up on some Zzzzz. Our tour guide for the day was soooo lovely and told us all about the historical landmarks we passed on the way to the national park and it was really interesting to learn about the history of Croatia.

When we got to the Park we had to get a boat to the actual waterfall which was 30 minutes upstream and 25 minutes downstream but once we docked we were free to do as we pleased as long as we were back at the bus by 4pm because the driver wasn’t waiting on ‘stragglers’.

I think a lot of people thought the first bridge was the best place to get your picture taken, but if you hiked up to the top the views were soooo much better. It was jam packed full of people but everyone was respectful enough to allow you to take your pics as along as you didn’t take ages. You can swim in the waterfall (there’s obviously a cut off point to how close you can get for safety reasons) and we did go for a wee dip, however it is completely stoney underneath so… sore feet and you literally have to do a wee jump into the water and CLIMB back out. Now, there were wee grannies looking to do this but there was literally no easier way for the oldies to get in and out. We only stayed in for about 5 minutes and them clambered our way out again to get a drink and catch the boat back to the mainland. When we got back to the mainland we got some food and ice cream and then waited on the bus to leave again (and here I broke my second pair of sunglasses of the trip).

We went out for dinner and drinks again when we got back to Split and then went back to the apartment to chill and try to sort out a late checkout because we had to be out by 10am and we were absolutely knackered.

We managed to get an extra hour in the apartment the next morning to sort ourselves out and give it a wee clean and when the lady arrived she said she could take our bags so we wouldn’t have to carry them around all day as our flight wasn’t until 11pm and she told us her husband would lift us at the fountain at 8pm to take us back to the airport (she also didn’t charge us for the late checkout which is lovely because most people do).

We went to this AMAZING pancake place for breakfast and omg my mouth is watering just thinking about them! Afterwards we went to the beach for about 2 hours, got a slice of pizza and went for a mooch around the shops. This was also the only day we properly explored Split and we found this big statue of a man (but he looks more like a wizard to me) which was really cool. We chilled at the fountain until our lift arrived and he took us the scenic route to the airport so we could see Croatia in all its beauty one last time.

Sooo this is quite possibly the longest post I’ve ever written on this blog and it’s actually longer than most of my essays for uni but just in case y’all think I was lying about having a life… I’m not just a lazy bitch who never posts… this is legit the reason I’ve been so MIA recently.

I swear, Croatia is the most beautiful country I have ever had the privilege to visit. It is truly so stunning and there is something for everyone there. This was my first trip abroad without my Mammy and Daddy (I know… I’m nearly 20) and honestly I’m so glad that this was the country I chose! Croatia is getting super popular with tourists and it is only going to get more popular, so if you wanna experience this brilliant country before it is swarmed with tourists, I would suggest going fairly soon.

Have you ever been to Croatia? If so, what did you do and what was your favourite part?

Until next time…


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  1. Oh woaw! It both looks and sounds like you’ve had the most amazing time possible. I’ve actually never been to Croatia, but I have been wanting to go for quite a while now. The natur is so so beautiful! Another lovely post from you, lovely xx ❤

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