What Blogging Means To Me

I’ve been blogging for a good wee while now (not just on this particular blog- I’ve had others) and ‘Ciara’s Little Blog’ has become a complete passion of mines. I love it and this blog is the first one I’ve actually had success with; the first one where I actually have an audience (thanks so much BTW I love you all!!!).

I feel like everyone has their own reasons for starting their blog (and that’s actually one of my fave stories to hear from other bloggers) but for me it was simply because I love to write. English was my best subject in school, all of my A-levels were essay based, I love reading and I’ve even tried to write a book or two in my time (c’mon, who hasn’t??). Blogging was just a way for me to continue to write in a non-academic way (uni essays are a bitch to write).

When I started blogging I never thought that anyone would want to read it and I didn’t expect anyone to either. It was just a wee hobby for me and now I have a following (small but so dear to my heart) and people actually enjoy what I write????


Of course, some people wanna blog for the PR gifts and brand collabs (a lovely extra to blogging but opportunities are actually few and far between). This isn’t the reason you should be blogging. Yes, it’s so lovely when a brand wants to work with you but that’s not what blogging is about. I’ve personally only worked with one brand in my whole time blogging and I was so grateful for the opportunity (and would love to do it more) but I’m also so proud of my silly wee posts about walking my dog.

In the beginning I was so strict with my blog. I forced myself to post twice a week and stuck to that schedule religiously. Because of this, my content was shit! Then I realised it didn’t have to be like that. I started treating my blog like the hobby it began as, and not the chore it became. I tossed my blogging schedule in the bin and now my posts are scattered here, there and everywhere, but I think my content is so much better for it? Like, rather than blasting out a post because it needed to be up by 5pm on Wednesday evening, I write when I feel inspired and therefore I’m passionate about that post (and it shows in my engagement too).


The blogging community is one of the most supportive out there. I’m not saying there isn’t drama, there is drama in EVERYTHING! I just try to stay out of it, and it usually works. Nearly everyone I reach out to or support with a comment etc. responds with such kindness (obviously not everyone I try to connect with feels like replying, but that’s okay). There is also always the opportunity to be jealous of someone else’s success with their blog (“why don’t I get that support?” “why didn’t I get that brand collab?”). This is wasted energy. You will feel so much more at peace with your blog if you stop treating bloggers like competition that needs to be beat, and more like sisters (and brothers?) that deserve support on something they obviously worked hard to get.

 Blogging has opened me up to a world of people like me; people passionate about writing. I love finding that wee gem of a blog that you just can’t wait to read every time they post. I love connecting with people from so many different countries (I get views from countries I didn’t even know were out there). I love writing about things I’m passionate about.

Basically, I love my blog and I love being a blogger.

Why did you start your blog? What motivates you to keep it up and running? Are there any male bloggers out there? If so, leave a link to your blog!

Until next time,


7 thoughts on “What Blogging Means To Me

  1. This post almost make me wanna cry. Ciara, you were THE FIRST blogger I like actually interacted with. And let me tell you ever since that lovely comment of yours on my ‘a trip to the country side’ post (yes, I still remember it) I’ve just loved you and your blog more and more. I’m so so happy that you found my blog (one year ago! can you believe it), like it honestly means so much to me. You’re the kindest, most humble and gorgeous human being. And even though we live in two different countries and have never met – I feel such a connection between the two of us (“can I get a tissue over here, please?” haha)
    So, why did I start blogging? I’ve always wanted to try it out, and did sort of expect that PR and a massive following would come along. But, gosh! That is NOT the reason why I’m still here blogging every Sunday. I do it because I love to write in english. I do it because I can interact with so many amazing people. I do it because I have a dream about normalizing difficult topics like; lacking confidence, dealing with anxiety and going through difficult periods of life. Two years ago, I would have loved to hear about someone who was going through it, and still dealing with it.
    (I think this is the longest comment in history…) Conclusion; I absolutely loved this post, and I absolutely adore you. Keep up your good work and never stop because of someone else ❤ xxxxx

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    1. Omg Karen please stop! You’re going to make me cry! I think this is the loveliest comment I’ve ever received! You’re so kind, thank you for always supporting me and my wee blog! As for your blog, it’s honestly my favourite to read. I look forward to your posts every Sunday and always try to set aside time to catch up if I miss them 😂 You do a wonderful job at balancing your blog between fun posts and posts that tackle serious issues and that’s very important to me! x

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  2. Love this post! It rings true for me as well! I never kept a rigid schedule but was wondering if I should start, but after reading this you are right. I like to write when the mood strikes me!


  3. This post is so adorable! I started blogging because I was simply bored during the holidays. It made me realise how much I love reading (I’ve also attempted to write a book but I didn’t. and still believe, that I don’t have the skills). I much prefer writing blogposts and interacting with other bloggers as everyone is so sweet (everyone I have come across so far!). Life As Najida isn’t my first blog either, it’s my third. Even then, I changed the name of my current blog from The Average Gurl to Life As Najida because I wanted to change my blog just like how I’ve changed over the course of the 3
    years. Loved this post xx

    Life As Najida | http://www.lifeasnajida.co.uk

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    1. Thank you! Wow isn’t it amazing how starting something because you’re bored can become a true passion for you? I love that you found something that you enjoy (and to relieve your boredom 😂) and I think it’s so important to change your content as you change as a person! As far as the book writing goes, I don’t think it requires any certain skill set, if you want to write then you 100% can do that! I’ve tried writing actual books from scratch but got no where with them but I’ve also dabbled in fanfics on Wattpad (Drarry- I was a major fan girl😂) and the support I got was unbelievable! People genuinely waited all week for me to upload a new chapter. I sorta abandoned that and it’s actually kinda sad for me to think about what they’re doing now x

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      1. Yeah it’s really crazy! I was never able to write a book after 2 chapters because I wouldn’t know what to write next, haha. Sadly, I don’t have as much time to write books anymore but I should give it one more try. I loved using Wattpad too but I wasn’t ready for anyone to read my books😂 xx


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