A Week in Tenerife

A few weeks ago my family and my auntie’s family all went on holiday to Tenerife. It was their first time on a foreign holiday so they were grateful for some guidance and we were grateful for the company… the more the merrier!

I had such an amazing time and the reason I’ve put off writing this post is because I know it’s gonna give me SEVERE post-holiday blues! Buuuuut I did want to share some pics so enjoy while I deal with the travel bug!

We stayed in Santiago del Teide which is a lovely wee town with a few restaurants, bars and shops, but anytime we wanted to go somewhere where there was a bit more going on, we took a scoot up to Playa del Arena where there is a bit more life and more to do.

I love the feeling of being in a foreign country. I live to play the tourist act and explore aaaallllll the things! And everything fascinates me… like the giant frickin’ cacti growing from the ground (quite a step up from my tiny cacti on my bedroom windowsill at home) and the mass of banana farms (they’re everywhere!).

I also love speaking Spanish to the locals. I literally only know the absolute basics and some of the looks I got told me I said something a bit weird, but I could also tell that waiting staff were appreciative of my efforts when I ordered my food in Spanish rather than English.

Of course, being the wee Irish folk we are, we couldn’t help but visit a few Irish bars. We met someone with family connections and a lovely woman named Bee who told us about an amazing boat trip to see the dolphins and whales and swim in the sea for a while. I was incredibly pleased with this because I’d much rather view animals in their natural habitat than an aquarium or zoo (which was our other option).

This trip really opened my eyes to the types of food I could be eating at home too. I had veggie curries, lasagnes, wraps and carbonaras and not one bit of quorn in sight. It made me realise that if they can make this delicious food without quorn then so can I, so I’m really trying to cut down on it (still gonna eat those quorn ‘chicken’ nuggets though).


I’m so sad to be home (but so glad to have my own bed and see my dog) but I came home with a lovely tan and cute AF tattoo to remind me of my amazing holiday away! My next trip is a girls trip to Croatia in September and I’m so excited so I’m in complete saving mode RN!

Are you going/have you been on any nice holidays this year? Comment below, I’d love to hear where and what your experience was!

Until next time…


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