Random Road-trip

It’s been a hot minute since I have done something completely spontaneous and outta the blue. I’m the kinda gal who has to have everything planned out by time of departure and activities to partake. So when my sister asked if I wanted to go on a road-trip with her and her boyfriend I was a bit apprehensive. After some persuasion I was convinced to go and I’m so glad I did!


On Monday night (while indulging in a bit of Love Island… do you love it, hate it, or not give a shit?) I got a text from my sister inviting me on her road trip and initially I wasn’t feeling it. However, once I warmed up to the idea I actually found myself getting really excited! We headed to Donegal on Tuesday for a fun day out in the sun and stopped in at all the places we loved as children. My sister’s boyfriend has seen so little of Ireland so it was fun showing him where we used to spend our summers.

First stop was trusty ol’ Lakeside Caravan Park in Ballyshannon. My family have been going here since I was a tiny tot (literally nappy days) and continued to holiday here well into my teen years. Mongo, the man who owns the caravan park, watched my siblings and I grow up and (not to toot my own horn) we are probably his favourite family. I actually got the chance to see him on Tuesday and lemme tell you… the man doesn’t age! I mean, you wouldn’t either if you got to live in a luxury campervan for half the year and Spain for the other half.

After Lakeside we headed on out to Bundoran. This place is a busy and bustling town with so much to do. Obviously we headed straight to the funfair (which wasn’t open for the season yet… bugger) and took a walk along the strand. In the glorious summer sun, this walk was so stunning and had lots of opportunities for cute pics! We walked on into the town centre and got some food in a wee café and afterwards stopped by a bar for a lil’ alcoholic beverage (just a Kopparberg). There are so many amusements scattered around Bundoran so we obviously had to pop into one and have a stab at the claw machine (we didn’t win, they’re fixed) and then we headed back to the car.

We then took ourselves back to Ballyshannon and out to Belleek to Castle Caldwell which is a part of the Marble Arch Caves in Enniskillen (I didn’t know that before Tuesday) and we did the 4km walk. That walk is not a hard one and I could do it in my sleep, but as I mentioned before, this was spontaneous and I wore heeled sandals. I have blisters the size of a small child on my feet and seriously considered giving up and letting the forest claim me halfway through it.

After an hour long walk in bloody heeled sandals (seriously Ciara, what were you thinking?) we prepped for the 2 hour drive home and ordered a well deserved Chinese takeaway for our dinner.

The whole day was completely magical and I’m so glad that I did decide to step outside my comfort zone and just be spontaneous for once. I would have missed out on such fab memories if I let my anxiety get the better of me so props to me for pushing it to the side and just going with the flow!

Are you spontaneous or a meticulous planner? Do you ever just bite the bullet and think ‘fuck it, let’s do this!’?

Until next time…


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