Spring Hill House in Spring

Every year there is a vintage car show held at Spring Hill House in Moneymore, and every year I go to it with my Dad. I’m not super into the cars (that’s more my Dad’s style) but Spring Hill House is one of my fave places in the whole world!

Spring Hill House belongs to the National Trust (I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain what that is) and rightly so, because it is sosososo beaut! Many moons ago my Dad actually used to work there and a lot of ‘dates’ with my Mum were spent strolling the grounds and watching the wildlife (how cute??).

Although I don’t get majorly excited about the cars and tractors, I do enjoy walking around them and seeing all the different cars from years ago. My Dad is a HUGE car freak and loves looking at them, talking about them, buying them and building them (yes, building them) so it’s nice to ask him questions and bond over something he loves so much.

Now my fave part of the day is always the gardens and the house itself. The grounds are soooooo freakin’ beautiful… flowers, trees, herbs, walled gardens etc. the list goes on and on. My Dad loves walking through the gardens as well as seeing the cars because he actually planted and maintained most of them back when he worked there. It’s nice that there is something for the both of us to enjoy!

The house itself is actually hella interesting. They give tours of it (which I’ve been on 6 times) and it’s huge! The house is supposedly haunted and you do actually get some pretty creepy vibes from it (especially from The Blue Room- the most haunted room in the house). I didn’t go on the tour this time around because Dad actually hates it and I didn’t want to ruin his day by forcing him to go on it with me.


I love Spring Hill House and I hope that it keeps running until I have children of my own so I can take them to it and make the same kinds of memories that my family have made with me.

Are you a member of the National Trust? Do you believe in ghosts (bit random but hey)?

Until next time…


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