Lil’ Life Update

Oh hello there.. it’s been a looong time since I’ve posted anything on my wee blog, not for the lack of love, but I’ve just been in a bit of a ‘slump’. However, I’ve been itching to upload something for a while so hopefully that signifies the end of this blogging ‘meh’.

I just wanted to pop on and give a wee update as to where I’ve been and what I’m doing with myself, ya know?

Aaaaaaanyway, I have finished uni for the year and I’m on my summer holidays (can I get a hell yeah?). I had one exam to end the year and it was a bitch but hey at least it’s done and I tried my best. Next year I’m defo going to be a far better student, I swear! I don’t wanna be one of those people that just pass, I wanna do well so I need to pull my socks up and stop arsing around (and by that I mean taking unnecessary days off)!

The weather here has been bloody amazing and I’ve been loving every friggin’ second of it! I swear the sun cures my depression (not literally but I defo find it hard to be sad when the rays are hitting my skin). We have had like three family BBQs this year already and yes, to all those out there saying you can’t, it is 1000000% possible to have a delicious BBQ without having to, ya know, kill any animals in the process. Quorn are the one and they taste frickin’ unreal when cooked on a BBQ!

This Saturday is the annual classic/vintage car show up at Spring Hill House and myself and my Dad go every year, rain or shine. I’m obvs hoping for shine cuz I have the cutest wee outfit in mind but I’ll be grand whatever the weather.

Also, I’m trying soooo bloody hard to get into bullet journaling again. I love doing it but find it so hard to keep up with, but I’ve bought some cool pens and shit and have got a bit of motivation from Karen’s post and AmandaRachLee’s videos (I actually usually just follow her whole style cuz it’s amazing!) and I’m feeling super good about this month!

Sorry for this post being a bit all over the place.. I’m trying to get back on track and the past month blogging has just had to take a back seat but hopefully this is me getting back into it!

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Lil’ Life Update

  1. Your May sounds like a cracking month! ❤ Having family BBQs and enjoying the sun – I mean what's not to like right? It makes me really happy that my bullet journal spreads have motivated you to get back to it yourself (of cause with Amanda along as well, because she is like the bullet journal queen) Hope your June is going to be just as splendid xxxx

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