Out in the Rain… Again

It seems that I can’t go for a walk without the heavens opening up and it bucketing down rain on me, but if that’s the path that was chosen for me, so be it.

A bit of rain never did anyone any harm (I think) so walking about in it is probs the least of my worries. I won’t lie though, it’d be nice to go for a walk in the sunshine for once… just a suggestion?

This time I trotted along to Garvagh Forest. I’ve lived 10 minutes from this place for the last 8 years and I’ve never been (which is crazy cuz I love finding somewhere new to walk!) so I decided to pack up the dog and the bro and see what it was like.

It was actually super sunny and warm at my house before we headed off but as we got closer to Garvagh it was beginning to rain. Most would take this as a sign to go home but for some reason I never do… I’ll learn my lesson at some point!

Garvagh is a fairly small town and from the road this forest doesn’t look like much, but when you actually get in, it’s frickin’ HUGE! Like, where the hell does it all hide???? We actually got lost and spent ages wandering about in the rain trying to find my car.

The walk was enjoyable for the first 20 minutes, at the end of the day, what’s a bitta rain? But by the time we hit the 40 minute mark, we were lost, soaked to the skin and dying for a pee… I wanted to go home more than anything.

There are some lovely scenes here though (like this creepy dark forest bit) and I’m sure on a sunny day this walk is soooooo much more enjoyable, but Paul didn’t bring a jacket and Noodles was trying to pee on EVERY.SINGLE.TREE so we were both beginning to get a bit agitated.


Although the rain put a bit of a damper on the mood, I could tell this place is gorge and I’m defs going back when the weather picks up to explore the rest of it (yes, we were in there 40 minutes and didn’t even see it all).

Until next time…


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