Noodles, My Love

This post is really different from what I would normally write about. It doesn’t really fit in nicely anywhere, but I really want to write it, so I’m sticking it into the Lifestyle category and calling it a day. This post is sorta an appreciation post… for my dog.

Pets are sooo wonderful and often taken for granted, even if we aren’t meaning to do so. I love my dog, Noodles, with all my heart, but sometimes I don’t give him the attention and appreciation he truly deserves.

Some of you are gonna think “Sweet Jesus she’s actually writing a blog post about how much she loves her dog” but ya know what, I am, because he’s the one being in the world who will always look at me with love, no matter what.

Noodles came to me when I was still in primary school, literally just getting ready to move house and start secondary school. He was the tiniest wee pup, so fragile and vulnerable and now he was mines to care for and cherish. We adopted Noodles from a shelter and made a £65 donation… a very small price to pay for the happiness and joy he brought our family.

*Side note: I am well aware that some people want a pure bred dog more than anything in the world and are willing to pay big bucks for them, but animal shelters are literally bursting with amazing animals all looking for a loving home. If you are looking for a family pet or animal companion, please check your local animal shelters first, if you don’t make a connection with any animals they have then by all means, go to a reputable breeder and get your furry friend.*

Noodles has been a part of my family for 8 years now and I can’t imagine my house without him. He is a collie crossed with something else (in our 8 years we never found out what) and he is the most intelligent (though at times incredibly dim) dog I’ve ever had. He is so well trained, has an amazing temperament and is so good natured, introduce him to anyone and he has a new best friend.

I’ve talked about my struggles with my mental health on my blog before, but I’ve never mentioned how much of a rock Noodles has been through my battle with depression and self-harm. In my darkest moments he could sense that I wasn’t okay and would bring me toys and give me cuddles. At times of relapse he could sense my pain and attempt to ‘clean me up’ as best he could. He doesn’t understand the severity of what I was going through at the time, but he always understood that I needed help and was there to give it in the best way his doggy-self could.

Noodles isn’t a pet in my house, he is a genuine part of my family. He owns me as much as I own him. He tolerates me when I’m in giddy and annoying moods the same way I tolerate him when he wants you to throw his toy but refuses to give it to you. He is his own person, with his own personality, likes and dislikes (likes: treats and ear scratches, dislikes: loud noises and people touching his feet).

Noodles, you can’t read, but if you could, I love you more than most humans in my life. You are a constant companion and a daily reminder that in a world so full of hate and war, there are wee creatures out there (like you) that are only pure and have only love and joy to give.

Do you have an animal friend that makes every day a wee bit brighter? Comment their name and what animal they are!

Until next time…


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