Wednesday Walks

I tend to do a lot of these posts, but I love walking and getting out in nature, so why not? This week myself, my sister and my beloved dog took a trip to Downhill Forest, and despite the weather, it was great!This was my first actual trip outside of my garden with my new camera and I honestly felt like I was taking my new born out for the first time. It was nerve wracking!


While having our breakfast we decided to go for a walk on the basis that the sun was shining like mad in our garden, however it was a different story the closer we got to the coast. As we drove, we began to notice the sky getting duller and duller, and by the time I parked the car, tiny drops of rain were beginning to fall.


However, determined not to let the rain dampen our mood, we trekked on. I got some flippin’ great shots and felt like such the profesh photographer! My fave person to photograph is my dog (obvs, he’s photogenic af) and my sister even managed to get some semi-decent pics of me! Who says miracles aren’t real?


I would highly recommend to anyone living in/visiting Northern Ireland to check this place out! It’s right beside Messenden Temple and Benone beach and it’s free to access. We didn’t walk as much of it as we wanted because the light drizzle we didn’t mind quickly turned into a full on downpour that we did mind, but we agreed to go back when the shitty weather picks up a bit!

Untill next time…


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Walks

  1. I absolutely love quiet walks in the woods as well. It’s kind of my way of recharging – can you relate? Also, I will just say that those photos really did turn out well, so pro photographers: You better watch out for Ciara <333 Have a great Easter
    – Karen W. <33

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