Book Review

Fearne Cotton understands how important happiness is, and why we need to seek it out each and every day. Determined to help break the taboo around mental health, here -for the first time- she opens up honestly about her own battle with depression, and the little things that help keep it at bay so she can continue trekking towards the good stuff. Including expert advice from Mind, and packed with little ideas and practical exercises so you can join in, she invites you to pick up your pencil and come on this journey with her…


My sister gave me this book after destroying it with our iron and buying herself a new one (I borrowed her’s for the pic as the one she gave me was no longer ‘blog photo’ worthy) and although I only got it because she didn’t want a tatty, old book, I was still grateful (thanks babe).

I’m sure you all know Fearne Cotton so I doubt she really needs much of a description on my wee blog, but this is her book ‘Happy’, all about her own personal struggle with depression (which I had no idea she had until reading this) and how she infuses lil’ bits of happy into her life every day.

It’s kinda an activity book, but I didn’t fill it out as I read it because I couldn’t really be bothered reaching for a pen while curled up in bed, but the concept is absolutely¬†brilliant and really makes you think about your own life and what you can do to add a bit more sunshine to it.

I think I would give this book a solid 4/5, mainly because I have battled with depression myself and found a lot of what she said very relatable (I was literally nodding along as I read), however, I don’t think it’s worth 5 stars because I am much more of a fiction-y, follow-a-story-line kinda gal, and so for me, I wasn’t really buzzing to pick this book up every night.

I admire Fearne sooooo much for writing this book and she does mention how hard it was for her to write about certain aspects of her depression, so fair-fucks to her! It can be incredibly difficult to speak out about the struggles you are facing, especially if they don’t appear to be physical, but it is also so important that we break the stigma around mental health, and that’s exactly what Fearne is trying to do with her book.


Have you read any sorta ‘self-help’ books aiming to break the stigma around mental health? I’d love to read them!

Until next time…


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