The Saharan Palette

This is my second time sitting down to write this post… let’s hope this one actually goes somewhere.

Now, in no way, shape or form do I claim to know a damn thing about makeup. I’m actually 100% sure that if a makeup artist sat down to watch me do my makeup, I’d give them an aneurism. BUUUUT, I can appreciate a good product when I use one, and this palette is no exception.


This absolute beauty is the Saharan by Juvia’s Place and oh sweet lord is it a treat to use! My current eye shadow palette collection stands at a strong Makeup Revolution palette and two Morphe palettes (my house is hardly coming down with them) so this was a nice wee addition to the fam.

My Mammy and Daddy actually bought me this for Christmas. I didn’t read any reviews, watch any tutorials or look into this palette at all (apart from checking if they test on animals) before I popped it on my Christmas list… it was a complete shot in the dark but I think it’s safe to say that I hit the target.


Okay… can we pls just talk about how absolutely gorgeous this is???? Like, come on, the packaging itself is bloody phenomenal (that’s not a word I give out lightly). The hot pink and stunning blue contrast yet compliment each other so beautifully and the colours simply scream ‘SUMMER’. Every time I use this palette all I can literally think about is warm summer days, bright colours and beautiful sights. Also, the illustration is cute af!


Regarding the actual eye shadows… if you want a palette that will give you poppin’ colours from the tiniest amount, this is for you. These eye shadows are unbelievably pigmented so a little bit goes a looooong way! Not to mention… um they’re just gorgeous colours and are incredibly easy to blend! Normally I have to work at blending colours for quite a while, but with this palette, I can achieve the blendage (is that a word? If not, then it is now) within seconds!!! And the wear from this palette is un-freaking-believable! From applying it in the morning, to removing it late at night, this shit can withstand sweat, rain, snow and sun (tried and tested by yours truly). Seriously though, once it’s on, it isn’t going anywhere the rest of the day!

I never really rave about the makeup I use simply because I can only give a mediocre review at best, but holy shit you would have to be an idiot to not notice how amazing this palette is compared to others out there. It’s a wee bit pricy but it’s a solid investment in my eyes, so if you’re looking for a new palette then I would seriously recommend this one!

Do you have this palette? Are there any other palettes out there worth trying out? Let me know!

Until next time…


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