Stuck in a Rut

Lately I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut. I feel like my life is going absolutely no where and I wake up every single day to do the same damn thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a creature of habit, and I love having an organised routine, but if you’ve ever seen the Truman Show, then you’ll know what I mean when I say that I feel… stuck.

I love organising my life and anything I can do to make myself feel in control, well you can bet I’ll be aaalllll over that shit. But recently I haven’t been happy in my wee routine. I feel like a bit of a robot, going through the motions without any of the emotions.


Here is how my week usually goes:

  • Monday– a day spent cleaning, doing laundry, getting my affairs in order for the week and prepping uni notes
  • Tuesday– a day spent in uni only to come home and spend more time on uni work
  • Wednesday– a day spent in uni and going to work in the evening
  • Thursday– a day spent in uni and major note catch-up when I get home
  • Friday– cleaning my granny’s house as she can’t get around like she used to
  • Saturday– squeeze in some ‘blog time’ and work in the evening
  • Sunday– work all day one week and a trip to Pets at Home the other week.

This is the routine I have constructed for myself, and although it allows me to manage and prioritise my time, it’s completely shit. There’s no fun there, no adventure, nothing that sparks any sort of enjoyment at all. And I’m beyond FED UP!


So I’m gonna shake things up a bit. I have to do something or I’m going to pull my hair out. I want to go on more trips and mini adventures. I want to spend more time with others and less alone in my room. I want to liven up my life a bit, even if it’s just something small. I’m jetting off to Liverpool tomorrow to visit my friend, so hopefully this will kick-start the change in my life that I’m hoping for.

I’m not a fan of making posts like this, but I do like being honest and although I could sit and make my life out to be abso-bloody-lutely amazing, it isn’t and that’s just a fact. No one’s life is picture perfect, so don’t be fooled by a dreamy Instagram feed etc.

Until next time…


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