Lush Haul

I love a good bath, quite frankly, I don’t really get people who don’t. They’re warm, relaxing and can do wondrous things for your skin, so obvs Lush is one of my fave places in the world to spend my money. I received LOADS of bath bombs for Christmas but considering I use a bath bomb every bloody time I run a bath, I only had two left before I made a huge (some might find it small- it’s huge for me) order from Lush.

Bath Bombs

So as far as the bath bombs go, I ordered five, including:

  1. Tisty Tosty
  2. Cyanide Pill
  3. Love Boat
  4. Rose Bombshell
  5. Sakura


I then picked up ‘Over and Over’ which is just from their ‘Bath’ range. I think this is half bath bomb, half bath oil and I’ve had one before and can confirm that they’re amazing!

Jelly Bombs

I already have a jelly bomb waiting to be used from Christmas so I can’t say whether these lil’ boys are good or not, but I’ve heard fab things about them so I thought I’d pick up another one. Unfortunately, I cannot stand the smell of the one I bought so I’ll be giving it to my brother. I got ‘Marmalade’, thinking it would smell sweet and delicious… but it just smells like that God-awful medicine you’re forced to take when you’re sick. It looks hella cute though!

Mother’s Day

Finally, I ordered both of the bath bombs from Lush’s Mother’s Day range. These were intended to be a gift for my wee Mammy, but I soon realised that she is one of those people who prefer showers (weird, right?) and thought there was little point in buying these for her. However, I am a mother to the cutest dog EVER (don’t fight me on this) and a guinea pig mom, so I thought I’d treat myself to them anyway! These are called ‘Incredible Mum’ and ‘Mum, Look What I Made For You’. I love how Incredible Mum looks like a superhero, because at the end of the day, my Mammy is a superhero in her own right (even if this bath bomb isn’t for her!).

So that’s my wee (or big?) Lush haul. Lush is one of those companies that I have absolutely no problem blowing all of my wages in and baths are one of my favourite things ~ever~ so why shouldn’t I spend all of my money here?

Have you tried any of these products from Lush? Are you a bath or a shower type of person? Obvs, I’m bath aaaallllll the way!

Until next time…


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