Sharing my Faves

2017 has been one hell of a year for me. I started uni, overcame a lot of anxiety, bought a new car and smashed some personal blog goals. Obvs it wasn’t all pixies and daisies and there were a few bumps and blips along the way, but I’m choosing to leave them in 2017 and only take the positives into 2018.

With that being said, I’ve discovered some pretty damn fab blogs this year and this post is simply an acknowledgment of these amazing people and I’m hoping that in 2018, they do wonderful things, have ~all~ the success and achieve everything they want to achieve!

First up on the list is Katie from Katie-Leigh. I only discovered Katie’s blog about halfway into last year and I’m annoyed I didn’t know about it sooner. I love how she writes and the whole feeling of her blog in general is just welcoming, cosy and literally a wee corner of the internet where you can just chill out for a bit. Also, her photography is amazing! I don’t know how she can take such incredible photos in this shitty lighting but she slays! Katie also designed my blog’s header image earlier in the year, which was so lovely of her to do and it really gave me a fresh batch of motivation when I was feeling a bit ‘meeh’ with my blog, so Katie, thank you soooooooo much. I don’t think you realise how much you actually saved my lil’ blog by doing that for me.

Next up we have Hayley from Mermaid Moonchild. This is another chick that I didn’t know about for long, but once I started reading her blog I was hooked and was eagerly awaiting every bloody post. Hayley is a very honest writer and you can see that she puts everything into every post she writes. Once again, her blog photography is outta this world and I will forever be super jel of her for it! Kinda unrelated to her blog, but Hayley also has some of the most bomb-ass tattoos I ever did see! I love tattoos and am forever wanting to get another one, and Hayley is queen of the tattoo department in my books!

Niamh is a blogger who couldn’t be more new to the game if she tried. Her blog was started (and almost ended) when she lived in Liverpool, but she recently moved back to Ireland and has been given a fresh burst of motivation. We all know what it’s like to be a newbie blogger and how hard it is to continue with something that a lot of ‘regular folk’ don’t understand, but Niamh lives such an amazing life to be a big time blogger as travel is her calling, so I think she’s going places once she finds her footing in the blogosphere.

The only fella on the list is Paul from Paul’s Internet Corner. Once again, completely new to the whole blogging thing and can I just say, ya it’s hard getting yourself out there as a blogger anyway, but when you’re a male blogger, I think it would be twice as hard. Paul had a bit of difficulty with his blog and this nearly made him give up in the beginning but he made the decision to start completely fresh and delete everything in order to make things right again, and that’s pretty brave when you’ve already made posts and gained views. It’s very refreshing to read a blog post written by a boy in a world that is pretty much dominated by female creators so Paul’s blog is like a wee breath of fresh air!

Finally is the lovely Alyssa from The Wise Willow. I’ve been following Alyssa the longest out of everyone on this list (I even followed her on my old blog which is now deleted) and I seriously love her content! Although I’ve never met her (and probs never will) I can tell that Alyssa is such a kind soul. She cares about humans and animals alike, and not just the cute, cuddly animals, all kinds! She’s also a vegan and a minimalist and I am constantly in awe of her lifestyle choices!

I could go on and on about all the blogs that I love, but these are a few that I have been literally obsessed with in 2017. I am hoping beyond hope that each and every one of these bloggers get everything they want in 2018 and are met with success with everything they take on.

What bloggers do you love to read? Do you know of any other male bloggers? Let me know so I  can check them out.

Until next time…


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