Between the Trees

I love walking. It’s time to myself where I can clear my head and set my thoughts straight. Finding beautiful and peaceful places to walk is something of a challenge though, and I do have my favourite spots. Recently, I found Castle Roe, which is literally just on the side of the road (but you would never know when actually walking it).

I have passed this place by soooo many times on my way to Pets At Home and I’ve never thought to pop in and actually see what it was like. However, the other week I was driving home with my brother and suggested that we go and have a dander around. He agreed so I indicated and made the turn.

At first, we were underwhelmed. There wasn’t much to look at or take in. A bird box here, a sign there, and a big ugly factory bunged right in the middle. Then we discovered we were walking in the wrong place and things slowly got better from there.

Once on the right path, we noticed a huge difference and found many little wonders within Castle Roe. One such wonder was a cute af bridge that didn’t really go over any water but was nice all the same.

There’s a huge lake that runs the whole way along the walkway and the way the trees reflected off the water was simply breath-taking. This, along with all the orange leaves, made for the perf autumn/winter feel.

I love finding wee places like this to explore. Castle Roe was literally sitting right under my nose and I never bothered to have a lookie. I’ve learned my lesson and will defo start exploring unlikely places from now on. Who knows what I’ll find next?

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by something so simple?

Until next time…


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