Trick or Treat?

Hello Everybody!

God, October seems like it lasted agessss and yet Halloween was over in the blink of an eye. I’ve had my house decorated festively for over two weeks and now as I sit here writing this, I’m also trying to find the motivation to take all the Halloween décor down. I’m not quite ready to go back to a bare house!

I’m not a party girl. Going out and getting drunk is not my kinda thing. I absolutely love people who can do that (my best friend is one of these people and I sometimes wonder why she’s even friends with me at all). I had absolutely no intention of going out and drinking until I can’t remember my name, so I was told Halloween was going to be suuuuper booooring, but it wasn’t at all.

My brother was off school all week for the holidays, my sister and I have Tuesdays off uni and my Mum booked off work. The only person who couldn’t join in the festivities was my Daddy as he had to work, but he didn’t mind. We didn’t do much apart from go out for a spot of lunch to a local café. I wasn’t overly hungry and they don’t have much of a vegetarian selection so I opted for potato wedges with cheese. Mum and Niamh got burgers and Paul had the chicken curry. Everyone was happy and afterwards we all got a bun each.

Our town holds a firework display every year at my old secondary school, however, it used to be a lot closer to my old house and my aunt’s house so Paul and I decided to go to our aunt’s and watch it with them in our usual spot. Other members of our family were there too and it felt just like old times. When we gathered at the top of the hill for the fireworks, I was shocked to see that we were almost the only ones there. Years ago you couldn’t get anywhere near the entrance to the field of the fireworks because the crowd was so big… I suppose everyone has lost interest in a simple firework display.

After the fireworks the children wanted to go trick or treating, so we went door to door screaming at the poor souls who answered begging for some sweet treats. Only one of the children I took trick or treating was actually young enough to be doing it, the rest were tag-alongs and I was the so-called supervisor. Nonetheless, she really enjoyed herself and was so chuffed with her candy haul afterwards.

Paul and I didn’t stay in the town much longer. I took us home shortly after trick or treating but we weren’t quite ready to turn in, so we dug out our sparklers, lit the pumpkins and arsed about until we ran out.

To some, my Halloween probably sounds awful. Who would want to stand in the cold to watch some crappy fireworks, take children trick or treating and play with sparklers with your brother in your garden? Well, me. Because that is how I’ve spent Halloween every year since I was a child. It’s my Halloween tradition, it’s quiet and simple, but it’s mines, and I wouldn’t spend Halloween any other way.

How did you spend your Halloween? Does your town hold a firework display and bonfire?

Until next time…


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