Major Bedroom Re-vamp!

Hello Everybody!

I know that I have been completely silent on my blog the past few weeks (and not very active on social media either) but damn, I’ve been a busy gal! Buuuuut, me being so busy has presented the opportunity for two blog posts; this is one of them.If you’re anything like me, you’re the type of chick that l-o-v-e-s interior design, buying homeware bits and redecorating every room I can get my stubby lil’ fingers on, so it’s no surprise that I took to the task of redecorating my bedroom when my student loan came in.

I have the biggest bedroom in my house (thank-you parents) and I’ve always been one to change layout of my furniture, but other than that, there wasn’t much I was able to do with it with zero funds.

I had a horrible, beige (but black due to my dog spending the majority of his time in my room with me) carpet and no matter what you did, that thing just didn’t ever look clean. It had to go! So I bought myself a wooden floor from B&Q and it was probs the best decision of my life! This was before my student loan even came in, so I still had my whole loan to play with for the rest of the room.

The next job was to paint the walls. I wanted something grown up and sophisticated so I went for 3 white walls and one charcoal grey wall. Previously my room was a dirty cream colour with one weird green wall. I love painting walls so this was no task for me and it was done in about 3 days.

FURNITURE! The furniture that previously resided in my room was old, graffiti covered and ugly. I didn’t want ANY of it, so it all had to get out of my sight! I completely got rid of all clothes storage, threw out an old exercise bike, sofa and bookshelf, and bought a new bed, shelves, desk and chair. BTW, I bought all my new furniture from IKEA and was not disappointed!

I threw quite a few other things out too, just rubbish that I was holding onto for ‘sentimental reasons’ but didn’t actually need. However, I did buy a few more bits from Asda just to give the room some finishing touches and I’m soooo pleased with how its turned out! I’ve lived in this house for 7 years and I ~finally~ feel like its mines.

Until next time…


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