Huge Collective Haul: Part One

Hello Everybody!

I don’t know what’s gotten into me recently, but I’ve been doing a whole lotta spending and not very much saving. Normally I’m really responsible with my money. I don’t over indulge in retail therapy, I love making finance sheets to stay on top of things and I rarely treat myself (I don’t know if I’m just a really financially responsible 18 year old or if I’m just reallllly tight when it comes to spending) so the fact that I’ve gone shopping both physically and virtually surprised me.

I definitely have done more spending in the last few weeks than I’ve done in a looooong time, which is why I decided to write this  post so I can share everything I’ve bought over the past month. Be warned though, this is probs gonna be a really long post but I don’t want it to drag on forever so I’m gonna split this post into two. Let’s jump in…


I have recently decided to switch to cruelty free products and this means I had to part with a lot of my fave makeup products (goodbye Mac Velvet Teddy). I gave a lot of my stuff away as I didn’t see the point in binning everything cuz that’s just wasteful. I was able to replace every product I previously had and managed to pick up a few more bits and bobs because why not?

  • NYX stay matte but not flat foundation in the shade Ivory. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of this foundation. The coverage is okay but not powerful and the shade is a bit too light for my skin which was disappointing because I’m usually ivory.
  • NYX HD studio photogenic correction concealer in the shade light/pale. I actually do like this concealer, however its darker than the NYX foundation even though I believe its the lightest shade.
  • NYX XXL Mascara. The brush of this mascara is huge and tbh I shoulda guessed that from the name but it gives a dramatic finish to your lashes which is exactly what you want a mascara to do.
  • NYX velvet matte lipstick in the shade Volcano. This lippy has quickly become one of my faves. It’s definitely more of an autumn/winter shade but I know I’ll get a good wear outta this anyway.
  • Seventeen mega matte lipstick in the shade Nude News. I’ve used the brand Seventeen before but just their liquid eyeliner (which is awesome, might I add) so obviously I had to give their lippy a go too.
  • Seventeen mega matte lipstick in the shade Back to Fuchsia. This is the brightest lipstick I own now. It’s literally bright pink so I’m so excited to get wearing this during the summer months.
  • Seventeen mega matte lipstick (can you tell I love matte lipsticks?) in the shade No Corals. Once again, this is the perfect colour for summer. It’s coraly/pinky with just a hint of orange and it looks fab!
  • Natural Collection brow gel in the shade Medium Brown. I’ve never owned a brow gel before so I didn’t know what to expect from this but I think its great. It keeps my lil’ eye hairs in place and that’s it’s job so yeah 5 stars to that.
  • Natural Collection pressed powder in the colour Neutral. I need powder over my makeup. I personally don’t think I suit the whole dewy face look so powder is a must in my makeup bag.
  • Natural Collection moisture shine lipstick in the shade Fig Leaf. Shocker! This one isn’t matte! But I actually do still love it. It’s less of a lippy and more of a tinted lip balm because its so moisturising.


Of course, making the decision to go cruelty free also meant that I had to buy new shampoo, shower gel, soap…etc and Superdrug is the place to go for all of these! All Superdrug products carry the Leaping Bunny logo so they’re all cruelty free!

  • Superdrug false eyelashes. Holy moly can we pleassssse talk about these for a mo? I’ve tried loads of lashes in my time and I’ll be the first to admit that nights out can get a lil’ messy and my lashes are usually the first things to go. I applied these lashes by myself last Friday night (which I suck at) and they lasted allllll night!
  • Superdrug pro whitening toothpaste. Minty, fresh, looks like strawberry ice cream… I like it.
  • Superdrug grapefruit and papaya shampoo. Firstly, papaya is my fave word ever. I love the sound of it which is probably why I decided to buy this but it does smell amazing too so I wasn’t disappointed.
  • Superdrug lemon and tea tree shower gel. Oh dayum I love this! I’ve always been more into my fresh scents rather than sweet scents so this was right up my street.
  • Superdrug cleansing facial wipes. They’re wipes and they clean your face. They don’t have much to live up to as all wipes do the same job but I like these, they are gentle and easy on your face.
  • Superdrug simply pure moisturiser. This moisturiser is actually hella hydrating and exceeded all of my expectations. I’m really picky with moisturiser because I have quite sensitive skin but this one fits the bill.
  • Superdrug shea and honey handwash. I’m not a huge fan of the smell of this soap but it kills 99.9% of bacteria so I can overlook the funky smell for clean hands.
  • MUA pro-base moisturising primer.  I was previously using Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm as a primer and it worked really well with my skin but this primer from MUA is actually probably better at doing what a primer is supposed to do and isn’t as harsh on your skin so I’m quite happy with it.

I’m gonna leave this post here because if I keep going it will be as long as the bible and no one will read it. The rest of the haul will be up next Sunday so keep an eye out for it as there is a lot more to come!

Until next time…


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