Gold Glitter Cut Crease

Hello Everybody!

I’m no makeup artist, but I do like to dabble in it from time to time. I used to get my makeup done professionally every single time I went out. Every damn time. I don’t know why I felt the need to go so out of my way to look halfway presentable for a night out. Recently I’ve gotten a lil’ more confident in my makeup skillz so I’ve been doing it myself the past few nights and this is one of the looks. I’ve been calling it a ‘Gold Glitter Cut Crease’ cuz I don’t know what else to call it… so here ya go!

*disclaimer: my eyebrows have not been done in forever and I didn’t wanna do a full face of makeup so I only did one eye #lazy*

Although I didn’t do a full face of makeup, the foundation I’m using at the mo is the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation in the shade 100 Ivory.

I set my foundation with the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent. Personally, I feel that eye shadow applies better on top of powder.

Yes, I did say that my brows haven’t been done in forrrrrreveeerrrr but I couldn’t help but fill them in, I just felt silly with bare eyebrows and a dramatic eye. I used the No.7 Eyebrow Palette that my brother bought me for Christmas two years ago (I need to update my makeup collection).

I used my Morphe 35N Palette for the eyes. I am obsessed with this! I got it for my birthday/Christmas (can’t remember which) last year and it is the only palette I reach for now. The colours I used are the lovely mocha brown in the second-last row (the third colour in) and the second and third colours in the bottom row.


I started with the mocha colour I mentioned before and focused that on my outer corner, bringing it slightly up to my brow bone.


I then took  the second colour in the bottom row and applied this to my outer corner also, but brought it further into the centre of my eyelid. Finally, I took the third colour in the bottom row and simply intensified the outer corners of my eye.


The next step was to ‘cut the crease’ so to speak. Basically to do this I took my Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade 010 Ivory and  applied this all over my eyelid, trying not to ‘overdraw’ or whatever.


Now for the sparkle! I used the Tanya Burr Cosmetics eye shimmer pot in Champagne Sparkle and simply dabbed this all over the places that I covered with concealer. I also used my Peaches and Cream glitter pot in the colour Prin to highlight my inner corner.

This is the tricky part. I mean, can anyone actually successfully do their eyeliner first time? It takes me 30 minutes, 2 wipes and at least 6 separate attempts. The last time I wore this makeup look, I left it rounded and didn’t bother with a cat-eye, but this time I wanted to see what it would looked like with a flick, and it didn’t turn out too bad. The eyeliner I  used was the Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner in black (obviously).

Finally I completed the look by making my eyelashes actually look as though they were there. I used the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Wonder-Full mascara for my top lashes and Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless for the bottom lashes as it has a tiny lil’ brush that works wonders on your lower lashes and that’s that!

I hope you like it and maybe some of you will even give it a go. This was my first tutorial post and from it I have learned that I am absolutely rubbish at them.

Do you have a look you’ve been loving lately? Do you have any makeup looks that you think I would like to try?

Until next time…


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