Family is Forever

Hello Everybody!

It’s so easy to take things for granted. Food, water, clothes, warmth. One thing that I always find myself taking for granted is my family. Generally, I tend to take my immediate family for granted because they are a constant in my life. They’re always there, and it can become overwhelming.I feel that in the last few years I have grown as a person. I went from being someone who was too cool to be seen walking down the street with her Dad, to someone who texts her Mum while at school exclaiming that “I’ll be home in 2 hours! x”.

I realised that no matter how cool you think you are, your family are the most important people, and if they don’t think you’re cool, you can drop the act and start being yourself.

Last year, my sister moved to Liverpool. Of course, I was very proud of her. She was taking hold of her life, finding her independence and moving along with the world. But she was leaving me behind, and this was upsetting for me. However, although I was sad that she was going on this new adventure and I couldn’t go with her, I feel like it has actually brought us closer together. We FaceTime everyday. We snapchat constantly. We are far closer to each other now that she has moved 250 miles away from me.

Since my sister moved away, I have gotten very close to my brother. There are 5 years difference between us (I’m 18 and he’s 13). My brother doesn’t do a lot of things with his friends outside of school, so it’s my mission to get him out of the house as much as possible. Our days out either consist of shopping or going on lovely walks with the dog. Although he’s never mentioned it, I think he really appreciates the effort I make, and I think our parents do too.

I love doing things as a family. My Mum and Dad both work all week long, so family time has to take a back seat until the weekend. We can’t do something together every weekend because I work weekends, but when we can, we go to the beach. This is what we love to do, even if we don’t get out of the car. We love just sitting, eating some food and enjoying each others’ company.

Family is so important. I take mines for granted all the time, but I know if I didn’t have my family around me I would be completely lost.

Are you all about that family life? What do you and your family like to do on days out?

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Family is Forever

  1. I’m a family type of person. I love spending time with them, going for shopping, for walks or even just sit in a cafe and talk. I used to take my family for granted as a teenager but as I grow up, I realized that at the end of the day, they are all I have, they will always be there for me and they are the ones who truly care. I’m away now for 5 months and I miss them so much. This was such a lovely post to read 😳💕

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